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  • Thanks for the rep! I don't blame you for staying out of that one. Hopefully that thread will lighten up. I refuse to ever stop dancing because of my age. To heck with that!
    Hello! Thanks for your comments. I just love that thread and how we are all brothers and sisters under the skin more than we realized previously.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I haven't visited this forum for a while.
    Yeah, it surprised me, too. What were we thinking being friends all this time without official recognition? ;)
    I too wonder that often! That thread is such good food for thought, will enjoy following! And the rep was my pleasure!
    Thank you Mosaic! I will always remember you as the first person to ever welcome me here. :p
    Ah, thank you Mosaic. Yeah, after reading it when you notified me about the typo I had a bit of a laugh myself. Thanks, too, about the shisha. It's an Al Fakher Large Solid, 36". The pride and joy of my small but workable collection. :)
    *hugs* I'm sorry for not having replied sooner, Mosaic. I hope you had a happy Mother's Day as well. :D As I've said before, you deserve the rep. :)
    Thanks so much for giving me rep for the Cougar Candy Store comment (wooo, alliteration!
    I just couldn't believe it! - their comment, that is!
    Thank you for the VM, Mosaic!
    About all the "welcoming" I do: I always appreciate being welcomed into a forum myself for more than one reason, so I always make sure to welcome others. Pretty self-serving, actually. As a member of any forum, I value member diversity, healthy activity and a friendly environment a LOT and I know that to get those three parameters working at the same time for an extended period is actually no easy task.
    The way I see it, welcoming other new members to a forum is a great example of how a small effort can sometimes pay off extraordinarily well. - So, You're very welcome...and thank YOU! :)
    *hugs!* You deserved it, Mosaic. I love reading your posts. You're such a wonderful contributor, and an awesome lady. *hugs again* :) And thank you for the sweet comment on my pic! ^^ I bought that costume last year from TC Skinner. She makes such lovely, affordable costumes. She's also very sweet. Just wish she came here more often to the forum. :)
    Glad I made you laugh, Mosaic! It's a good return for all the times you've made my day with a post. Shanazel
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