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  • yeap i understand u..its a big contradiction between those places.. here full of high buldings and ultra modern style... and egpypt and moroco, mrore historycal.. i v visited there also... and i can tell you dubai is good but its too fake to be honest.. i mean. people are coming and going all the time, the relatioshipis are not so deeps, and people are very attached to material values... but still a nice place to visit!!! ur welcome any time!!!;)
    sure there is now this crisis and hope so they will get over.. but actually those are the consequences of building all that so fast, as they dont have this much petroleum as everyone thinks.. actually abu dabi rules.... !!!
    Hi Mosaic!! Its a shame! U must to pass by any time.. its a great place to live, i mean not as much as brazil, but its good and there are many places to watch dancers, diferent stlyes... !! let me know if u come any time i ll take u to many shows and show u the area!!! :)
    Hi Mosaic!

    I am not a dancer, but I've been working with them. I just think this forum is maybe good place to get new contacts for dancers/choreographers. Let see what happens...

    All the best,

    My pleasure! I've ordered that CD, but also found some on YouTube. I'm still having trouble picking the rhythm, but I'm sure that will come with time.
    You're welcome :)
    I had the same loading problems, it was crazy, but now it seems ok again
    Thank you for accepting, :) yes, I'm very pleased with the masr360 avatar but it will be nothing compared to your t-shirt which will also be perfect for your next trip to Egypt.:dance: Sorry about the documentaries - I didn't realise about the country IP problems - so annoying:(. I've been looking for them in different areas but to no avail. However there's still Aljazeera eng clips to chat about;).
    BTW Great pics and beautiful costume.
    Stay in touch
    your welcome. They do think they are human, My Billy and my hushand are two peas in a pad. Sam past away 4 yrs ago. We called him "the care cat ". If you were sad or crying, he would come put his paw on you, and sit with you. Sometimes he would try to make you lol. Cats ate angles sent form god to help you along in life
    I really like the forum. I and looking forward to makeng friends and having many a converstions with everyone.:dance:
    thank you :)
    I noticed right away that there is a great sense of humor around here, which I love. I'll try to step around the hissy fits!
    Hi Mosaic! Got your message about the spam, but it looks like Dipali already took care of it. Thanks for the warning anyway!
    well my friend . i will gonna add more costumes pics in the market place
    thanks a lot for this advice u are so sweet and kind
    best regards
    bythe way i have new costumes design not at the website right now cuz asap i will gonna to changing the website models but i can email u by all the new if u really want
    hi. yep my shop at khan el khalili and always at Nile Group and Ahlan washlan festival and i feel i met u here anyway it's proud and pleasure for me nice to see u here my friend. best regards
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