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  • Hello Mosaic, thank you for your nice message,
    im teaching the girl in Toros agency in Lebanon, well no one yet did not came back from contract angry
    You know every belly dance costume i make from all my heart i fill some times that i sent my enegy with it. he he
    are you dancing? if you come to Lebanon send me message we meet
    kisses Shahraman
    Hi again: thanks for adding me, also for the QLD news. I called my mom, and she said that there is no food in the markets, and that they had to make special shipments because the trucks could not get through due to flooding. Thankfully the suburb they live in ,Kamerunga, is high on a hillside,and apparantly most of Cairns is not flooded,except for some of the lower areas and canefields. I was surprised to hear about it. Coincidentally, my mom was in Melbourne on the hottest day a little while back, as she returned from holiday in Tazmania.It sounded a lot like summer in Las Vegas, except there is little to burn in the desert. It is so sad to hear about the fires. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered losses. So much like California, my previous home, but even worse..........
    On a lighter note, my pic on the camel was taken in Palmyra (Tadmoor,) Syria, Summer 2007. We went to visit my husband's family in Aleppo, and got to visit Damascus, Deir Ezzor, Ariha, and some of the western towns, the names of which I cannot remember. We got to go to his nephew's wedding. What a party!
    I have not had the pleasure of going to Egypt, though I have often dreamed of going. How fortunate that you have had the opportunity to visit.Perhaps you can tell me what impressed you the most. Thanks again for adding me...zilzal sagheer
    Hi Mosaic! thanks for the welcome. I had the pleasure of visiting Melbourne in 1984, and performing in a few turkish establishments while there. what an interesting experience. you live in such a beautiful city. My parents live in Australia, in Cairnes. they moved there to retire. If I had to choose another place to live, Australia would be tops on my list. You certainly are blessed!..........zilzal sagheer
    hello Mosaic, nice to meet you. thank you for your message. I like to have friends in this forum.
    well, im still dancing but you last times just like privet parties in Lebanon. its now about 12 years that im in this bussines , if you can say,
    and in free time im making bally dance costums. you can see some of them in my side album.
    ugh! i accidently de-friended you (i'm still learning the features on this forum thing), so i'm requesting once again :) sorry for this - i'm not very tech savvy lol.
    Hi Mosaic,
    Are you going to the Kismet Bazaar on the 20th Sept in Melb?
    They are having 9 different w/shops all with different instructors. It's going to be loads of fun. I went about 5 years ago now and Loved it. I did an african w/shop.
    This year they are offering lot's of different styles.
    Let me know if your going.
    (I come to Melb on the weekend and did a class with Bellydance Kismet in Brighton. It was great. Only cost me $33.00 on the train return. Cheap!
    Have you been dancing much?
    Bye for now.
    Lotus Dancer
    Hey Mosaic.
    Just dropping in to say hi!
    I started back with class last week, after the school holidays. It's really nice to get back to it. I had some Beginners start, so they're always Fun.
    You forget just how nervous you were when you first entered a class, and seeing all the dancers who new what they were doing.
    With the Beginners Classes it Brings it all back to me, the poor women look terrified when the walk through the doors.
    They're soon laughing and having fun though.
    Okay must sign off. Hope your back dancing too.
    Smiles to you.
    Lotus Dancer
    Hi Mosaic,
    I Love the Egyptian Style of Dance. I did some Classical Egyptian Dance, and Loved it. It's Beautiful. Do you dance in shoes or bare feet? It's a really pretty style.
    I also love the Tribal Fusion/ Gothic style too. It's a very powerful (internally powerful) style of expression. It feels just amazing to dance, with this style of music and the georgeous costumes, it evokes a very powerful energy from within.
    Do you have the Tribal Fusion DVD by the Bellydance Superstars? If not, do yourself a favour and get it. It's absolutely spectacular. Rachel Brice, Zoe, Samantha, Mardi Love. Just mezmerising dancers!!!
    I am going to the Trans/Tribal Bellydance Festival in Sydney. I think there is about 20 different workshops happening, so it's going to be fabulous!!
    They are all fairly different. There is Zills, sword, tribal, floor work, core strength work, double veils etc.. etc...
    Lots of teachers from all over Australia will be there. And Urban Tribal from the States also. They are offering lot's of different w/shps, so it's going to be a great weekend. I haven't been before, so I'm very excited.
    Do you dance solo, or are you with a troop?
    Lotus Dancer
    Hi Mosaic.
    On the Murray in Echuca/Moama. I get to Melb as much as I can, try and do workshops whenever possible.
    Off to Sydney in September to do workshops at the big bellydance weekend. It's going to be great.
    I'm wrapped I found this website. It's great to be able to chat to other dancers.
    Do you like all forms of this beautiful dance or do you favour one in particular.
    Lotus Dancer
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