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    "Landscaping" - moved from Meet & Greet

    Not a lot - life gets in the road at times, but was recently without a computer, for a while. My old one has caused a lot of angst in the last 18mths. It finally refused to boot up so no choice had to replace it. I've also been doing a bit of work re-landscaping my garden, other than that not...
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    A view of your country Amazing wildlife Victoria (home State) White Night 2015 Melbourne – love it! Going again this year Feb 2016 for the 3rd year always different each year Glimpses of Melbourne & surrounds & last but not...
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    Happy new year 2015

    Wishing everyone a very happy New Year, may it be a year of fabulosity! A couple of photos of Melbourne Australia's NY Midnight fireworks ( 21 strategic sites around Melbourne were set up for a coordinated display - Myself & a friend went to the Shrine of Remembrance which sits on a hill in...
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    A clever & Fun Bellydance

    A friend sent me this link & I thought it was perfect for sharing:) Enjoy ~Mosaic PS: Love the way you actually get to see how the bones are moving
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    Goodness gracious mercy maud!

    Yes you be berry berry special ~M
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    I have to share this fun video, I dare you not to smile & bop in your computer chair:D The reactions of the people in the street are classic, some smile, do a bit of a dance & others look dumbstruck. It's fun, I'd love to do something like that:) But too chicken to do so alone:) I Love the...
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    2013 Advent calendar

    Shan recipe sounds quite yummy but I don't know about the chopped "nits" maybe we can substitute nuts? ~M
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    2013 Advent calendar

    The missing video for December 3rd:) Enjoy! ~Mosaic
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    2013 Advent calendar

    December 3rd ( Southern hemisphere ) To One & All! A couple of videos one on how to make some sparklies for the tree, I think they are perfect for bellydancers & a gift idea a wire wrapped feather headband I'm not very exciting this year, I am...
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    I had never heard of "twerking" it's just weird, hardly dancing, with only 1 to 2 movements that I can see. I saw a video on youtube ( don't want to insert - it is somewhat off) - it is very & obviously suggestive the way these teens are twerking - Kstylis - Booty me Down - YouTube not one is...
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    Make a donation to

    It's still not working for me, but I went direct to PP so all's good:D As for your post needing moderating, I can see it, maybe Gisela or Salome fixed it. Can you see it now? ~Mosaic Oh I see your post now mine needs moderation, I tried to do the approve thing & the moderation tools don't seem...
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    Largest ever cyber attack slowing global internet

    I just found out this past week what has been called the largest ever cyber attack has been going on. According to news reports Europe has been hardest hit at this stage, although 2 days ago I had trouble opening numerous webpages & thought it was something to do with my computer, so rebooted...
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    Ask me for music if you want & Music suggestions

    Hugs around the world for Mizz Naaa ~Mosaic
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    Forum is changing

    I use FF & all is fine except of the New Posts page the last 2 columns have part of the letters cut off, in both the green & purple versions, but in google chrome that doesn't happen ( I prefer FF though). It happens in both purple & green versions. I don't get the ads in the posts because I...
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    All is back to normal

    Good news! everything is back to normal so if you started a thread while it was acting weird please restart your thread as the wonky ones have disappeared. It's good to be back:D ~Mosaic