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  • Smootch right back atcha! I think of you often and hope you aren't working yourself too hard.
    Mya, my darlin' friend, where have you been keeping yourself???? I've missed you terribly.
    Also be sure to stop by Khan el Khalili, they are open everyday but Saturday nights are the best.
    Sure, just let me know once you know where you'll be and I'll try to find a good teacher there. The best place in Brazil for belly dance is undoubtedly São Paulo though, so if you have a chance to stop by there sometime, you won't regret it... that's where it's all at!
    But in any big city there are probably good dancers I could recommend.
    Woo hoo! I send you out to all the tribal girls here, so hope I can return the favor!
    I'm not sure what my itinerary is going to be like, but why don't you come to one of the shows or workshops? If I have time, of course we could schedule a private. I won't know what's up till its closer to the date.
    That's great thanks. I'm in no huge rush just take your time. i'm thinking i'll get two one in gold one in thanks a lot.
    Oh I think Didem is great :) She's awsome technically.....but as for a more lyrical bellydancer I'd would then say I've been into a russian bellydancer by the name of Maria Shashkova - SOOOOO amazing and expressive she is! lol :)
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