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  • hello mya--i was remembering a documentary that was posted here a while ago. it was educating the people of trinidad(?) on oriental dance. did you make that documentary? i would like to see it again and share with friends.
    you're inbox is full. :( Just checking in to see if the box is on its way to Eden yet...
    Hi Mya, I didnt actually take these photos but basically it is what you see. I dont have many photos of myself. Can you enlarge it on your computer?
    Caroline x
    Oh thank you very much :D! I like it too. I just changed the background colour from an ugly pink, and added some light.
    Don't give up! I am easiest to catch after 9:00 pm my time, which is pretty late for you unless you are a night owl!
    Hi Mya. Thanks for the coment on my pic! Yes, I took all the photos in my album. You can see I take Tarik's photos more than any dancers. LOL. Jaida is very beautiful person and dancer. I hope one day I take your photos. So, when you come to NYC?;)
    she was wearing a top...and a skirt over tights...the top had a kinda indian look to it..though i couldnt' pin it down.
    she had a carpet, like alladin carpet i guess where she kneeled and flung her head ala zaar..
    uhm she 'danced' to sting's desert rose..the girl was FIGHTING WITH THE VEIL.. her hands looked like crap...the judge tell her belly dancing is about the belly she needed to see it..i rolled my eyes for that one...but the best comment came from one of the other judges who said she needed training in belly dance and to go get it because a person not exposed to dance would think she is doing a great job...

    i mean when i think about the possibilites of oriental dance on that is sad to see what is being passed off as oriental dance.
    the chutney performer said it was shakira and natural talent....i nearly died
    as for the other one...i dunno nuh..i really dunno.
    Thanks for the lovely message from Ai'sha. Beautiful picture by the way :)
    Except for horse chores between approximately 6:30 and 8:45 MDT, I should be home today (Thursday). I am generally up until 11:00 or so, which is quite late your time unless you are a real night owl. Don't you climb under anything and hide. There might be earwigs, which totally gross me out, and it would also deprive the world of your physical and spiritual beauty. Hang in there. We'll manage the phone call sooner or later!
    We were at the rodeo last night and didn't get home until almost eleven o'clock. So sorry to miss a call from you! We are in the Mountain time zone, so are at least one or two hours behind you. Try again- I'll be waiting. Glad to see you back on the forum. Affectionately, Shanazel
    Hi there thanks for the message...yes i am much much better and dancing again thanks god!! i am back at work sindts 2 months,thank you for your kindness and caring ..we realy have to meet 1 day!!
    :think: Hmmm, guess it's possible to e-mail me from here; I'll still clear out my pm box after the cookout later this week. :) Thank you for messaging me, and thank you for caring, Mya. :) I'm so glad we're friends. *hugs!*
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