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  • Hi, Mya! It's wonderful to hear from you. I've been around, mainly doing the mod thing in Beauty and Fitness, and I've been posting here and there. Been rather busy at work, and getting ready for my first, uhhhh, "informal" solo performance at a cookout at work (I was asked by one of the AM's, and just about everyone at work is a friend, so I thought I'd have fun with it!). :D It may not sound too glamorous, but that's okay with me. :)

    I know I need to clear out my pm box, but I want to copy my messages so I don't lose them first. Any time you want to chat, feel free to drop in! Oh...wonder if my e-mail can be seen in my profile? :think:
    yeah, I saw you tagged on facebook. O well. You and I both know it was pretty!
    Hi Hi!
    how did the WBD performance go? i couldn't make it because i was at an all day defensive driving course..
    i actually don't know of any really good teachers in the Orlando area...i live in P'cola, which is about 6-7 hours away...

    there was a pretty good "generic" one in Tampa (depending on location, it's maybe 45 min to 1 hour drive) but i think she moved.

    i can ask and look around for you and let you know if i find any! i'll ask my aunt, she lives in that area and belly dances on occasion. she should know of some.
    Awww, thank's! I really appreciate it. It IS kinda tough sometimes, but I think I do learn from it. Usually both sides in a discussion get mad at you for intervening so yes it can be a bit ungrateful ;)
    Have a nice day. I'm off to pick up some dance dvd's at the post office, YAY!
    There's no need to apologize! I'm just glad you got everything working for you!
    dont worry,it will pas!!! be stubburn like me,it will pas...dont worry dont be sad just dance you will feel better, i feel that many people that visit the forum dont realy care for this art ...they just want to blabla and make trouble ...not good!! i feel sorry for Salome i am sure she hade good intentions when she created this forum...bdw are you on my facebook? if not go there please because there we dont fight we have just fun with eachoter.....have anice day dear hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Hi Mya, about the costume question. I just bought a piece of black lycra and made a tube out of it. Then attached it to the bra in a few places and put the skirt on on top of it. I guess you could attach it to the skirt as well to make a "proper" dress.
    Hiya, Mya! Thanks for the Rep! I'll be on hiatus for about a week but you can always contact me via PM or email. Hope you have a lovely day!
    hey mya, sorry to tell you that i can't accept your offer right now..maybe anytime after september of this year
    hello Dear
    sorry for delay. i was little busy with the new dresses,well you can send me message on so we can talk more about datiles
    kisses Shahraman
    my back is still there!!!lol... slowly it takes forever but i starded training again,just keep my fingers crossed i dont need surgery...thanks for asking dear...have a nice day
    hey look at you!!

    what a fabulous photo..

    Thanks for your comments.

    Where are you up to with your move to the UK?
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