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  • Hi Nalini, late reply (I'm always late ;)) from me but thank you for your message. I love your profile picture by the way!
    Hi Nalini
    It's only 6.00pm here in new Zealand - so not very early in the evening!
    I only just saw your message, been cooking our dinner...
    thanks Nalini for your message.I like Yaşar Akpençe's (in turkish) style.I play dumbek but im not so pro.
    Hi dear Nalini
    Actually the Andalusian that I choreographed is not a fusion between oriental and flamenco.
    Its a specific style that exist in oriental dance more than 200 years, and was born when arabs was at Spain from the 1800.
    It have movements from both, called also Moorish or Andalouse
    And its danced in specific music also.
    Maria Aya,
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