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    Sadie's teaching DVDs?

    Has anyone bought and tried them? I want to buy and try, but I dont know if its worth it..? What do you guys think?
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    What dance style does Sadie dance?Is

    it Egyptian? I am confused..
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    Difference between all the styles?

    I know the basic differences... between some styles. But I was wondering if someone could explain it thoroughly? I am choosing a new club and I would be very very thankful!:)
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    Is that true that Suzi Deniz is one of the best in the UK?

    I looked at this video : YouTube - Suzi Deniz: Belly Dancer and thought that this cant be right... or is it???
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    A new user - natesfeliz:)

    Hello everyone! I have been looking through the forum for a couple of days and I must say that I love it, everyone is so nice and sweet, I am happy that I found this forum. Hopefully I will get to know you all!:) Here is a little about myself: I am 20 years old (turned this year) and I have been...
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    What is the most dangerous belly dance style?

    I have seen belly dancing with swords and ropes and so on, Its so hot I want to start it but i dont know what style it is?:( can anyone help?