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    History of Turkish and Lebanese Belly Dance?

    I've found many articles about the histories of Egyptian and American Style belly dance but I haven't had such luck with Turkish and Lebanese styles. Does anyone have any sources?
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    (Re)Introducing Myself to the Dance and this Forum!

    Hi Shanazel, belly dance was something that brought me great joy in the past so it was always a matter of when rather than if, but with all of the stress and extra time due to the pandemic I figured this would be the best time to help ease my mind.
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    (Re)Introducing Myself to the Dance and this Forum!

    Hello, nice to meet you :)
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    (Re)Introducing Myself to the Dance and this Forum!

    Hello ☺ This isn’t my first post but I realized that I’ve never formally introduced myself to this forum and I thought that I should do so before flooding it with questions 😅 I’m Nor and I’m returning to the dance world after 5 long years of being completely inactive. I would consider myself a...
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    Dance Ethnology Careers?

    What can be done with a degree in Dance Ethnology?