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  • Hi Nur Al Leyali,

    I've just joined Belly Dance Forum and saw your question about that gig some time ago that you had a bad feeling about because you thought they were trying to set you up - did you go and do it in the end? And did you get any advice about it from anyone in the forum? Just wondered. Hope it all worked out well anyway. Jasmine.
    Hi, Nur. In answer to your question, I have been dancing since about 1977 or 1978. I retired at least three separate times, but none of them seemed to take permanently- I keep coming back to teaching anyway! Shanazel
    Hi again,
    I contacted our local community college and began teaching through them. They cover the cost of insurance, hall hire, advertising etc...
    Its the easiest way to start.
    They pay you for your time.
    Also local gyms. Approach schools as part of there exercise classes.
    There is so much you can do.
    Give it a go.
    Good Luck
    Lotus Dancer.

    I do love the Tribal Fusion style.
    I'm off to do some w/shops next w/end in Sydney.(so xcit'd) I also love the pretty Oriental style as well. Dance alot with swords. Love Tribal (love the communication between dancers) Egyptian is fun too.
    Fusion really rock's my soul though.
    Lovely to chat to you.
    I would love to see your veil work (it suits you very much)
    Smiles to you from Down Under
    Lotus Dancer
    Hello Nur Al Leyali, Just wanted to say Hi. Your profile picture with the black veil is Beautiful.
    I love that mysterious quality it creates. Well done.
    I have gotten so many wonderful ideas for my album of this forum.
    So your from Moody? I laughed when I heard that name. How cute is that!
    So your wanting to get out into the community with your dance. Can you maybe do an open day, and introduce people that way.
    I'm from a country town also, and I just began doing some classes in the area, and it just went crazy. I had market's ringing, restaurants booking dancers, girls birthday parties, school functions etc... Give it a go. You will be pleasantly suprised.
    Nice to meet you.
    Lotus Dancer
    Looking to buy a good condition costume or 3 lol.... Need new or used costuming tops or bra tops 38 d or dd and the bottoms i will discuse once you reply . :)
    I am actually needing a little information, How would you start dancing shows in an area that is not familiar with baladi or dance in general . And how would you get established in this area?
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