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    Working with students in wheelchairs- need advice!

    After resigning myself to understanding that I'd be a keen intermediate forever and deciding not to spend so much time working towards trying to work towards dancing in a troupe or something, and shifting my focus to fitness instruction (which I am sincerely good at and RIDIC enjoying!), I find...
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    I'm at work late tonight, keeping the doors open for a squadron here at the base's Mess dinner (in case you don't know- I work in a military aviation museum on a base). The barkeep asked me to help out when it's time to "Pass the Port". I played it cool and agreed, but of course, then I...
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    Belly Fit Certification: what do you guys think?

    Hello chaps! Long time, no post- I've been busy dancing and running and cycling despite Halifax's poopy weather. I had an interesting conversation with my Monday night belly dance teacher and thought, "who better to ask for advice than strangers on the internets?". So, people of the...
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    Flashmob at Beirut Duty Free

    I picked this up from the Livejounal Bellydancing community. I am also too thick to figure out how to embed? If somebody can help me out it'd be much appreciated! YouTube - Beirut Duty Free Rocks Airport with Dabke Dance - Full Version VEp29GS1VXI
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    Nath Keo workshops- which would you pick?

    Hay so Nath Keo is coming to Halifax in April! He's giving 3 different 3-hour workshops over the weekend (see below). The deal for all 3 is pretty good but frankly I can't afford all 3 (I'd rather do 2 and go to the hafla, and the hafla's a drop in the bucket). Which two would be your...
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    Oh no, my blog is unintentionally thinspo- need advice

    Oh, no! I blog about my dancing. I'm a recreational dancer, I dance because I love to, I like thinking about it and blogging about it. I also re-blog lots of cool photos from many dance forms (especially ballet and belly dance- I identify belly dance as my "home" style but I spent a lot of my...
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    What are your favourite Shaabi songs?

    I was re-reading the Miscarriage of Shaabi Justice thread because I've been thinking about Shaabi a lot lately. I've been trying to explore Shaabi music but I'm still a little overwhelmed- I know to check out Hakim and Saad, but I could use a little more direction than that. What are your...
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    Holy spam, Batman

    Well, I guess we can watch new movies. Y'know, for free. Jeez louise.
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    Canada's cold-war plans to detain known communists/communist sympathizers

    So this is pretty wild. I'm watching the Fifth Estate on CBC right now about this. The last interview is with a guy who is being investigated right now by CSIS basically because of this policy.
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    Beats Antique "Blind Threshold"

    I just got my hands on a copy of the new Beats Antique album. I don't dance tribal fusion style, but there's a lot of that in the air in my city so I can't help but to pay attention to what the tribal fusion kids are up to. I'm doing my first listen-through now. Any thoughts? So far, stand...
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    I got a belly button piercing

    I've been wanting one for a little while now- I liked the idea of having a piercing, but my day job isn't conductive to a facial piercing (it'd be a hazard for me, I handle an industrial museum collection and my clothes get ripped up enough as it is when things don't go as expected, I don't need...
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    Egyptian Straight Leg Shimmies

    I recently had the opportunity to travel to Montreal- my mum went to see Rufus Wainright, and I went to see Aziza for a private lesson (she seemed quite pleased to have "beat" Rufus when I mentioned that I was having a lesson with her instead of going to the concert!). I was prepared for my...
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    Flossing and dental hygiene

    Hey, so, I really hate flossing you guys. That said, I have a terrible buildup of ... teeth gunk (for a lacking of technical dental vocabulary) behind my bottom front teeth. A few months ago, I went to the dentist for the first time in ages- I hadn't been able to afford it, and was long...
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    Wavin' Flag (World Cup edition)

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    Guo Wei

    Found a neat video and link to an NPR article about Guo Wei: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...