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  • Hi Oresai, I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I was very pleased to see that there was someone interested in the dance living in Orkney! I visit there often, usually for the folk festival,and I went to the dance festival there in 2005. I attended the belly dance classes run by Tina Gordon. I don't know if you went to it, but it was good fun, and informative too! I do a very different style of dance to her, mainly folk, beledi and classical. Like you I live on an island (Skye) and I also work in a sheepskin tannery...yes, really! I'm trying to persuade my teacher to go to Orkney to do some workshops, if she could do that at the same time as the folk festival, that would be great. I could just leave my husband at one of the pub sessions and go and dance! I also do Bollywood dancing. So much dancing, so little time!! I hope you get a dance teacher up there sometime, it makes such a difference and really opens your eyes and broadens your horizons. Cheers!:dance:
    Hi Oresai.

    I studied anthropology in school, and my main field was also archeology (but Maya and central America, and of course ancient Egypt) One of my professor was specialist for Viking, and I took his class once. Here is his info: http://maxweber.hunter.cuny.edu/anthro/mcgfld.html
    I'm not sure if he publish any books or articles. I enjoyed his class and I got "A" in his class!!:yay: But I didn't do my paper as Vikings, but I did Mayas. :lol:
    Hi Oresai!
    Thanks for the rep - my first!! Let's hope more people join in on the thread - I think it is an interesting topic!
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