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  • Hi.

    Why don't you post your video on either "YouTube" thread or "Male dancer" thread to ask other people's oppinion? I'm not professional dancer nor teacher, so if you post your video on the thread, you can get some honest comment(s) from many great veteran professional dancers and teachers. ;-)
    Nice to meet you! I'm happy that you found this site...it's great to see another dancer on the forums. Hope you like the site! =)
    I am from the United States. Nice to meet you!! I hope that you have a good time on our forum and I wish you well in the dance!
    Hi prasit, so very nice to meet you! Thank you fro sharing your clip. I like to see people dance for the fun of it and not only do you have good technique, but your spirit and joy is very evident! keep dancing and keep having fun! i hope to read your posts in the future.
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