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  • Hi, it's been awhile! Guess the holidays have kept you busy. Miss you on the board. Have a wonderful New Year!
    You're welcome! :D *hugs back!* I'm fine, consideing I only got 2 1/2 hours sleep last night---the kids and I went to see "The Last Air Bender" at midnight last night. XD How are you?
    Hahaha! Ah det har jeg også gjort mange gange, det med at blive oppe. Så sejt at du skal danse til hendes bryllup :) 61 år, wow! Det bliver helt sikkert en succes.
    Ha, ja vi gør. Jeg sidder og har lavet noget photoshop der skulle ha været færdigt i begyndelsen af ugen. Bad Gisela!
    Hey!! Wow, that would mean.... I'm living in your front yard?? So cool!! Hope we get around the house sometime for a cup of tea! Nice having you as a friend :D
    I notice you haven't chosen another card in the DVD contest - Q of spades was already taken. Don't miss out now!:D
    I just want to thank you for taking the time to welcome all the newcomers to the forum. I am sure they appreciate it. I appreciate the effort as Mod of the forum. I agree with Farasha you have become a valued member of the forum -Thank you. xx
    Ohmygosh, you are so pretty! And you're very welcome! ^^ You have become such a valued forum member, and you were really quick on your radar to catch a possible spam scam. *looks at your friend list* >> Oh, golly! I haven't friended you yet? oO; :( *goes to fix that right away*
    LOL!!! Yes, indeed, I know that well. *boing* That's the whole idea of torturing my grand children. *bounce*:lol:
    *snicker* Sometimes it's just hard to contain ourselves, isn't it? (body fluids or otherwise!). ;)
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