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    My take on khaleegi

    Hello! One night I decided to put together a few words about khaleegi dance from bellydanceers' perspective... and ended up with a full article :lol: Enjoy! And if you know any other links that I should add at the end...
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    Emirati culture

    There is currently a big heritage festival happening in Abu Dhabi. I was there a few nights ago, and I was very very impressed. Here are some of my thoughts, photos and videos (locals dancing!) in a blog post. Enjoy!
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    Interview with Sabriye about her new CD

    Sabriye Tekbilek released her very first CD of bellydance music this year. I did an interview with her about her relationship with music in general, and about what it really takes to produce a CD. Enjoy reading...
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    Talk about monkey-cam :)

    in India I worked together with a French dancer called Leela. Recently she posted a video of herself dancing, which she says summarises her India experience...
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    Studying Arabic with the help of songs

    Lately I have picked my Arabic studies again. Yesterday, I was googling for a specific phrase and came across this blog It has 15 "lessons" of Egyptian Arabic, each concentrating on one song. I find it very cool! It does help if you know how to read/write...
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    Ideas for floral costumes

    I've come to a possession of a bunch of artificial flowers, and I want to make a costume with them. I have a few ideas, but I'd like to find some more inspiration... So, feel free to post your favourite flowery costumes. I'll start off with a pic of my friend Jamila's costume...
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    Recommendations for LED-wings

    I have been planning to get a pair of LED wings for a long time. There are plenty of sellers out there, but I would like to buy them from someone who has good references, and who would actually answer my questions when I send them. I want wings with LED lights all over the wings, and preferably...
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    Assuit evening dresses from the 20ies

    /I was not sure which sub-forum to post it in, but it is distantly related to costumes, so here we go.../ Currently there is an exhibition running at the Art Museum of Estonia, presenting art deco fashion design. It is a feast of dresses and shoes and accessories in general - the volume of fine...
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    Shaabi meets traditional

    The modern shaabi might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I quite enjoyed watching the melayas and fishermen suits and a shamadan in a somewhat different context. Enjoy!
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    The Estonian swapmeet

    I can't believe I have not advertised the Estonian swap meet on the forum yet. (Either that or the search is not functioning ;)) I guess as the season is about to start, it is the best time to get those hip scarves, costumes and a lot more into circulation! So, here is the webpage...
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    Tell me about Sephora

    Has anybody used their make-up? I was given some of their brushes as a gift and I am quite happy with these, however I have never tried their make-up. I am especially interested in their foundations and concealers. How is the pigmentation? Are they wear-proof from a dancer's perspective?
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    I am in Bahrein for three months now... and I must say, before I came here, all I knew was that it was an island. So, I figured I would start a thread with some photos and tidbits that I've learned here. I mean, I will probably posting more on Facebook, but I know that not all of you are there...
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    One of the perks of working as a bellydancer

    Here is a short clip from my show on Sunday... there were two little boys in the audience. When I asked them to come and dance with me, the younger one was very ready and willing... he was so happy to shimmy with me!
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    Repairing wings

    It has been quite the past weeks - it seems all my dance stuff is falling apart at the same time. I wonder if there is an astrological disposition or something like that going on :lol: Anyways, by the time I got on stage for my first show yesterday, I discovered that the seam edging my wings...
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    Share your favorite hairstyles and accessories

    I rarely wear hair accessories, unless it is part of a specific costume (for example, for a dance with mileya). Generally I just make my hair curly or wavy, you know, to go for the "what is expected of a typical bellydancer" :P, but when I dance more modern stuff, I also like to experiment...