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  • Hi Savary, thanks for the comment on the photo of the pyramids. Yes I did take the photo. A short while later the wind blew up and picked up the silky fine sand and the next photo had this surreal haze surrounding it. I love how blue the sky is against the golden majesty of the pyramids and sands.
    again, just think you should be thanked for becoming our translator!! ^_^ You're so sweet to be doing this for us ya 7lo!! :D
    shokran kathiiiir, for the translation of the Fairuz song ya savary!! (^0^)// I appreciate it greatly!
    ahlan wa sahlan ya savary! ismi Kelly wa tisharafna ktheer! ana amrikia bs 56eebi ul-urdani! mithel 7abibik wa enta shawia...maybe lol! See ya, and take care, salaaaaaaaam!
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