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  • I saw your new teacher Samay's video on 'Egyptian Code" thread and she reminds me one of my teachers Aasal who also study with Tamalyn Dallal in Miami, and Yousry Sharif in here NYC. Like Samay. Aasal's main teacher was Tamalyn Dallal, and I can clearly see her influence to Samay's dance.

    I had chance to take Tamalyn Dallal WS last year in NYC, but she broke her leg, so WS was cancelled. However, she will come to NYC again this year, so I plan to take her WS.

    I want to try to say is you can see the dance from their teachers' influence clearly. I'm sure my dance has a lot of influence from my main teacher Tarik Sultan, and some flavor from other teachers such as Kaeshi Chai of Bellyqueen, Aasal, and also my favorite dancer Tito. ;) You can see the influence, but not the exactly the same, so it'll make dancer's personality I think. Enjoy learning from her!
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