I'm Winic, from the Dominican Republic, currently living in Puerto Rico. I am 22 y.o , and I would love to meet the wonderful people in the bellydance comunity around the world!

I am very passionate about dancing, and have been dancing for several years, but sadly before I wasnt able to go to a dance school. In 2013 I went to some dance classes but didnt find what I was looking for. Thankfully, in 2014 I was lucky to find an amazing teacher (Diano Soto) and it has been over a year since I started taking classes with her. The learning process have been great and although Im still between basic and intermediate level, I truly enjoy this beautiful art, this dance has great meaning for me, and I will work hard to become a great dancer and I wish that someday I could dance around the world ^_^

EDIT: in 2014 I attended a workshop with Sadie (shimmies, layers, pops and locks, choreo)
In 2014 I attended a workshop with Natalie Nazario(drills, shabi) and Cristina Gadea (flamenco oriental, khalegee)
Looking forward to more workshops in 2015

My first performance was in December 19, 214 ♡

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