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    Performance Pet Peeves

    Do you have any pet peeves when watching performances? Mine is: when a dancer uses a prop and it becomes all about the prop and not the dance. We are belly dancers. When we bring out the sword (or any other prop), we should still be belly dancing. No?
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    Turkish pop

    Turkish Hits Vol. 1 Here is a free download for some Turkish pop! If you happen to buy something through the link, it will help support my business at no cost to you, but the album is absolutely free!:dance:
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    Worst personal performance

    So as not to hijack the photo thread, what was your worst personal performance? Mine was my beginner class's debut dance which they needed me to lead. I did so with a temperature of 103 alternating between freezing and burning up! I looked like $#!+ !!!!
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    Hello from KS

    Hello! I'm Shara of Desert Dance KS. I'm learning to navigate the site and hope to make some friends! If any of you recognize me from somewhere else, please send me a message, especially if you want to ad me to your friends! Thank you! Shara