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  • Thanks for the rep :)
    I'm glad you too saw the brilliance of the "get fit with Amr Diab" videos.
    Hi Shira, Thanks for the rep. The spam seems to run in batches, we'll get 20 to 40 spammers registering a day for up to several weeks then it will die down to a trickle of 10-15, which is manageable, for a while, before another spam season starts. At the moment it is really bad, quite a nightmare in fact. I try to nab them before they even complete their registration or soon after, I've got quite adept at that lately (makes makes perfect;)). But a few slip will always manage to slip through unfortunately.
    Hey Shira, I just mailed you using your website. Just letting you know it's me from here and not some random weirdo :) Arwen aka Jane
    Dear Shira,
    Many thanks for your amazing website and all the hard work you've done on it!
    So much of useful information.

    Best wishes from London, UK.

    Alina Laureola
    Lucky you! That's a belly dancer's dream, a custom made dress by their favorite designer. I'd love to get one from Bella, but it's quite difficult to order one.
    Thanks for the rep :) Btw that dress on your profile page is gorgeous! Where did you get it?
    Love your site - I send all my students there for any information they want to look up! So fantastic!!!
    Hi Shira!

    Love your site, first of all :) I had a quick question - how do you get your website info in your signature? I've been trying to figure mine out since last night! Happy dancing! :)


    Hi Shira!

    I've been peeking at your homepage again (which I've done more or less regularly since a couple of months after it first appeared on the net - thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and keeping the site updated and interesting). This time I dropped by your gallery, and I just looove your new Eman Zaki-dress. I just wanted to tell and hope it is ok.

    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Don't worry, you do! :D I just hope I've toned down the crabbiness level on my tweets to not be annoying! ^^;; I tend to gripe a lot about my job. XD Thank you in advance for following! *hugs*
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