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    May 25-28 2012: Folktours Music and Dance Camp in New York!

    Today (4/30) is the last day of the extended pre-registration deadline for Folktours Middle Eastern, Dance & Music. Arabic, Turkish, Romany, Tribal, Gypsy, Bellydance, Boot Camps NYC, PA, USA, TURKEY | Early-bird registration is $375 and includes EVERYTHING. Best bargain out there...
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    Legends of Raq, April 19-22 2012 in Pittsburgh PA (USA)

    Take a journey to the roots of American Bellydance with four legendary performers and expert teachers: Aegela, Artemis Mourat, Helena Vlahos and Kweilin Nassar, representing Egyptian, Turkish, Greek and Lebanese dance traditions, respectively. The event will feature 8 different workshops, a gala...