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    When I first joined this forum a few years back, I wrote that belly dancing isn't just entertainment - it is a sacred art form. The many good words and deeds done by belly dancers here and on youtube are manifest proofs of this belief. Therefore, when you study and practice this form, bear in mind that there is absolutely nothing that may be deemed "odd" about it or its performers. You are learning and practicing something that is divine. The world is closer to peace and tranquility because of what you and your sisters are doing. For this we all owe you a world of thanks and blessings.

    Hi ~ thanx for your wonderful note.

    What makes a belly dancer so gracious as to accept the suggestion of one like me who has no experience in choreography or dancing? Why would they reply so politely to those suggestions? Why so receptive?

    Receptivity is a sign of open mindedness which proves that belly dancers are totally unprejudiced. This is so important in this day & age of pervasive socio-political polemicism. Graciousness is also a sign of good, humble character. There's an old saw which goes, humility comes before greatness. The excellence of character demonstrated by these dancers in their open mindedness and graciousness readily affirms that old adage.

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    Golly, thank you! ^^;; And you're very welcome. :) I've read comments on the channels of dancers from other genres, and at the risk of sounding biased, I've noticed the same thing. Wonder what it is about belly dancing that makes a dancer so...well, gracious? :think: It does seem a bit odd. Proud to be a bellydance student, but, yeah, it's odd.
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