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  • Hi Tara,

    I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma zip 74129

    email me at kittie@kittiesparkle.com for faster communication...


    Tara belly!!!!! lol today i got your present!! thank you Reema came to class today and gave me your gift...i did not dance for 4 months because i have a meniscus in my knee and it hade to heel...so only this month i starded again ...thank you dear i do like them,very sweet of you.....have a nice day hugzzz Lydia
    Hey Tara!
    You made those outfits yourself! Wow they are sooooo beautiful! I don't know if you read my reply to your post - but yes I'm learning under Veronica. And her assistant did tell me that Leena Vaswani is one of her advanced students , i have never met her though :)

    So when are you coming back to India? Where are you now?
    Tara, you are such a beautiful dancer! I loved the costumes on your site and I'm happy to be your friend!
    Hi Doll! The costumes are beautiful!!! Mabruk! Yes...I will be wearning my beautiful "Tara" costume this Sunday at a show...and...hopefully will get MANY photos to share!
    Dear Tara,
    Thank you for contacting me about being on your Friends list. I am honored and have put you on mine as well.
    yes i remember a lady asking me for a shamadan perhaps last year or 2 years ago.....feel free to send me promo materiaal but i can not promise anything ...usely i only help dancers if i have seen the show that they put up and not just from pictures or a dvd.... ,its better if you would come here and we can meet up...have a nice day Lydia
    Hi Tara,if you are coming my way ,please call me i love to meet up....have a great day ...hugz Lydia
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