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    Egyptian male dancer Jallil Jallil

    I ran across this article on line and thought I would share it here along with my response. A few years ago I was part of a rather heated debate where I stated that there are many men in Egypt who, if given the chance, would love to be able to perform as Oriental Dancers and not just informally...
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    New domain

    Hi everybody: I'm sending a message to let everyone know that I've had to change the domain name for my website. The new address is not .com Long story, but let's just say the first person who made my site made some monumental blunders that have been plaging me for years. I...
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    Male Bedouin Dance

    Just stumbled across this on youtube. It doesn't have any information, but from the look of the outfits, especially the lady, I think its from the Sinai. Enjoy!:)
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    This is why you can't take the news at face value!

    So in another thread, I complained about the reason why I hate dealing with reporters. The problem is a pervasive one in our culture. The fact that the institutions we trust to inform us are failing us miserably. More often than not, we are not told the truth in our media. They have other...
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    Are male dancers becoming more common in Egypt?

    So years ago, when I was a bit younger, less wise and full of piss and vinigar, I use to get into heated debates, with a certain person,..... about the validity of male dancers in Egyptian dance history. I said that given that Sharki is based on a foundation of the local social dance it only...
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    Something all men need to understand

    In a recent thread I made mention of the fact that the victimization of women is a universal problem. Some people initially thought that I was implying that the specific problem mentioned in the thread was not so bad etc. Its hard because I am a man, but in a lot of ways I don't fit into the...
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    Here we go again: Belly Dance tv owner jailed

    Story about the owner of a poular dance channel in Egypt who was jailed recently.Egypt: Owner of belly dancing TV station arrested - Yahoo! News
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    Murderer of 14year old boy allowed to walk free

    In the past I've had some heated discussions with various member with regards to issues that face people of African origin. I've been told that perhap I was doing myself a disservice by constsnatly "harping" on issues of colonialism etc, that it was a "pet peeve" of mine. The person who told me...
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    Indian Pole Dancing!

    Soooo. Wonder how this would go over at the local strip club....frCv445Ggbg
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    These girls rock!

    Super Debke from Syria! Check it out! P2cEnSe-Law
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    Miro doing Egyptian Duet in Sharem el Sheikh

    A while ago there was a discussion about the impact that male dancers would have on Oriental Dance. Some were afraid that it would have a negative effect on the dance. I said that it wouldn't but would lead to new expressions and possibilities such as duets. It was argued that Oriental dance is...
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    Old footage of the Banat Mazin sisters

    Just stumbled across this. The Banat Mazin sisters in an old movie. I believe from left to right, they are Suad, Rajah and Khiriya. How cool is that!? 5tHZePdsfP4
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    Very unique Egyptian movie clip

    Ran across this on youtube. Who knew this existed? yYkYjQ98lwY
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    What's Happened to Tarik?

    Short answer, nothing:D Hi gang: I just popped in because I heard some of you were wondering what's happened to me. Rest assured that I'm fine and well. I've just been working really hard and haven't had the time to spend. I'm getting ready to leave for Egypt next week and I have a few...
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    What's really threatening the dance!

    We've gone over this question many times before, but I just got an email that burnt the hair right off my ass!:mad: We spend so much time pointing finger at Westerners doing stupid things that water down and threaten the dance, however, we must also be aware that unfortunately there are many...