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  • Hi there,
    I am in fact Sharon Moore. I am one of the moderators here. But I appreciate your dilligence, had it not been me! :)
    Yay for Malta! My partner is half Maltese, and I can't wait to visit for the first time next summer... Would love to know more about you, are you based in Valetta?
    Tribal Belly Dance Malta

    Atlantis Tribal Belly Dance is proud to present
    Scarlet "Fever"
    We will be performing the newest dance craze, Burlesque!
    Come along and have a great night out and give the girls your support!


    Dazzle Entertainment presents Burlesque! Burlesque! a live theatrical show that will be held regularly at Chiaroscuro, Straight Street , Valletta . The shows will include a variety of acts such as dancing girls, singers, comedians, musicians, and drag acts, all satirical with a saucy edge. At the first show, on December 17th, the stage will be set up if an audition is being held where contenders come along and try their luck with the skill of their choice. The show is hilarious, ridiculous and outrageous, turning social normality upside down.

    Show starts at 9pm

    Seats are limited!

    Tickets: 7 Euros on the door
    Well I'm off out in a few hours, I am doing a performance at the Octoberfest. Its a bit of a last minuet thing, only invited yesterday. that normally wouldn't bother me, but I will be dancing to house music being mixed by a DJ i have never met! Oh My!
    Would you be willing to let me do an e-interview about your group and tribal and other bellydance in Malta and send me some nice photos to compile an article for our mag. I am editor and I am doing a series on bellydance in other countries. This is the addy of our association website: Yours Liz
    faulous loved you. I belong to a troupe of 4 also and we are one of the few in the North Of England. We are off to the Jewel of Yorkshire festival next week and in classes with Kajira Djoumana. Malta sounds like a great place to visit especially if they got good tribal.
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