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  • I kind of think it's more of a "this feels like home to me" feeling. It was my first lesson, and I only learned three steps but, I don't know, it was like I meshed with the girls in the group. Since I was little, I've always been sensitive/intuitive to others, and I've been friends with them now for almost two years, so following what they were doing just felt...right. I feel like a big dork trying to explain, but it's like I've finally found my niche at last.
    Hi, how are you, TribalDancer? I wanted to tell you that I've added an ATS class, and am so excited! It's lots of fun! Kind of strange, though, ATS seems easier for me than American Oriental, which I think is what I'm learning in my regular class. Why would ATS seemingly come more natural to me?
    HI, thanks a lot for adding me to your friend list! :) Hope you are having a wonderful time... :)
    thanks for the help with photoshop! i love the images you have done, and when i get to the point where i need promotion, it will be to you that i will turn first!
    hi I just saw your avatar and was slightly confused? you do know the pic is of a well know dancer called Sharon Moore, from mandala tribe! you may want to rethink it! oh by the way thanks for adding me as a friend, Atlantis

    Unless you are Sharon that is? If you are I still have a wonderful choli I bought from you many moons ago!
    thank you for sharing that wonderful video..i'm a new dance student and am learning "basic"..somehow i am drawn to Tribal...keep the info flowing.....fatimaS
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