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    Videos or books for overweight dancers?

    Not long ago I bought a Pilates DVD. What was special this DVD is that it are made for fat pepole. It is named Plus Size Pilates. I also got a book named Megayoga which is about yoga for fat pepole. Now these two products are brilliant. Finally some Yoga and Pilates stuff for those of us which...
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    I have taken a few classes and I am actually learning :D

    I have been taking belly dance classes lately. It is so fun and I am learning so much. The teacher is very good, she is good at making us understand what she means. I have some problems in that I have Asperger's syndrome so my coordination is not the best, but I am going to take the beginner...
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    Why do pepole belive only young hotties dance belly dance?

    Why do pepole think you have to be a young hottie to dance belly dance? me and my fiance and his Turkish boss was out one day and he mentioned that his mother had danced belly dance in his an his wife's wedding, not that long ago. Now this man is 60 or so so I am guess is mother is in her...
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    What are your hobbies?

    It is often interesting to hear about other people's hobbies. So what are yours? Mine are: The occult: Well more than a hobby, this is my life, the study and practice of magick and study of things like crystal healing and astrology. Nature medicine: Also more than a hobby. This is what I hope...
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    Do anyone know of any instructors in Bergen in Norway?

    Well like the topic says Do anyone know of any instructors in Bergen in Norway? I live in Bergen and is wondering if there is any instructors in belly dance that have classes in my city.
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    In belly dance I am particularly good at:

    Hi I have seen that no matter how good some of the belly dancers i have met are they always seam to find fault whit them self. Us beginners are even worse. And yes, self criticism is good, it makes one strive to be better no matter how good one is, utter beginner like me or world champion we...
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    Drama Queen

    I hope this have not been posted before. But I think this girl's dace is very fun and energetic and I wanted to post it. I hope I can be so good one day. YouTube - Drama Queen ( Belly Dance)
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    Bellydancer in yellow dress.

    I hope this have not been posted before. I found this clip on youtube and think some of it is nice so I wanted to post it. YouTube - Baladi ( Belly Dance )
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    What does everyone look like?

    I hope I have not missed another tread like this. If so just say so. I was just wondering what people look like, always nice to match a face to the words one read on a screen. Well I guess I should start then. This is me, taken to day during my baby nephew's baptism party. I hope you are not...
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    Worst bellydance product?

    What Bellydance stuff have disapinted you the most when you got it. I found the DVD Gothic Bellydance on Amazon, and since I am a goth and love bellydance I think that might be fun. I buy it and ahve high expectations but when I get the movie the dance dont in many of the performances resemble...
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    Three Wishes.

    A genie pop out of a lamp and tells you that you can have three wishes. One for yourself, one for the world and one for a loved one. Mine would be. For myself: To get the kind of magickal powers magicians have in fantasy books, fireball, imortality, the works. For the world: Magick, that...
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    What are you reading right now pepole?

    What are you all reading right now? I am reading a book named A girl`s guide ot Vampires. It is aboute a young woman that after a wiccan cermony for love finds and falls in love whit a male Vampire. I have only gotten to page 50, but the books is fun, if a bit poorly written, so what aboute the...
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    I just love this hip scarf.

    I just love this hip scarf I found on a Norweegian auction site. I have bit on it and hope that I win it. - SEXY SVART Dansende MYNT HOFTE Skjerf
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    Crossing wrists over head after temple arms?

    One question if I may. When doing temple arms, i noticed it looks real pretty to let the wrists slide into crossing one another making the hands look like they are bound or look like the wings of a dove, is this a move it is ok to incoporate into dance? I am just asking beocuse I found it pretty.
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    Worry Stones

    Hi all. Here is an little idea. Worry stones. Now a worry stone is a smal stone, it is suposed to be oval and smoth, one could find a fitting stone outside, make on from clay or things like cernite, or buy premade ones. I personaly is fan of the Angel worry stones, they can be found here: Angel...