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    album art Serpent's Garden: Music: Mosavo i have seen on the web this album cover minus the writing and bigger and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find it i use to have it before the computer crashed thanks i want to make it into a poster unless i can find it as a poster
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    i know this isn't belly dancing but.. please

    YouTube - Bollyrobics Monama - English does anyone know where i can find this song please i really like it good to drill belly dancing to and one the oter song in this group has a belly dancer doing a dance to it pleeeease help or at least point me the right direction thanks in advance
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    milk and honey

    a german pop duo with an arabic sound Milk & Honey - Milk Honey - MA -
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    Mata Hari

    i'm not sure where to put this.. got update about a new gothic bellydance dvd Venus Uprising :: Dance :: Bellydance NYC :: art :: New York belly dance went a bit further and found this ShakeMyDay :: Sarah's belly dance Costumes the photos look amazing
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    Hilary Duff - stranger

    the dancing isn't really bellydancing well it sorta(thin line) fusion i'm more intereested in the pictures/painting on the walls in the club.. they look familar if someone know that would be great MyShkaAwbR8
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    night of the sultans

    Zfz1FCs4XXM Xh8TANTIHn0 nice vids can't find much about this group though i love the music to.. sadly i don't understand turkish.. if anyone can help me find out more about the dancers that would be great Enjoy!! Night of the Sultans there website not very helpful
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    the magic of bellydance

    Ansuya new dvd does anyone have it and what do u think of it? is it worth getting it?
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    Geia ~ Despina Vandi

    _ZG-lF7pN94 since the song is in the music section here's the video
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    what belly dance style is Shakira?

    Does shakira a certain style of belly dance or is she a mixture of styles?
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    Azam Ali

    I love azam ali i have two of her solo albums and four Vas Albums and One Niyaz(new one comes out early next years) if anyone want samples of her music PM me
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    Turkish dvd music

    X0xDGf8jzto there two songs on this clip Rompi rompi and mastika(i think that what it is called) i used to have them now i don't have them does anyone know where i can get them and other song like them
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    i was looking online for patterns for something else and came across this one
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    Looking for a piece of music

    i'm looking for something fast, flirty and posible no more than 4 minutes any ideas people?
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    Astro belly

    i wasn't quite sure where to put this so i'm putting it here it belly dancing by ur starsgin it interesting Enjoy!!
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    Help, can't find a song

    hi i'm new on this site is a video of a remix of shakira whenever whereever it sounds very arabic and i was wondering if anyone knew of a audio version of the song.. cheers