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    Dance and Video Games

    I recently won a free Xbox and Kinnect (whoo hoo youtube!) and got the game Dance Central. My friends have a Wii and the game that just came out, Just Dance 2, as well as some classic Dance Dance Revolution games (the one where you jump on the matt). We got together this friday and had a "Dance...
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    Teaching Adv. Intermediate Class?

    Hello, I've just started teaching ann Intermediate Class and I was wondering how other Teachers run theirs. I want my class to be fast pased and not focus on technique (well... learning teachnique) but perfecting it and learning to transition and combine all the basic "beginner" movements...
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    Looking for sad, dramatic song

    Im looking for a piece of music to do a dramatic, emotional, introverted dance to. Something epic and orchestral, like a symphony with ups and downs, but and over all feeling of angst. I would like it to be middle eastrn, either instrumental or with sad lyrics. I don’t mind if its more gypsy or...
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    Advice for choreographing for competition?

    My troupe has expressed interest in competing with our choreographies. I have one great masterpiece that I am super proud of that we are currently working on, but the only florida based competition I've found so far has a 2 minute time limit so it's too long. Any advice for choreographing a...
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    Who are your favorite male dancers?

    Reading a lot in this section and I'm totally excited because I have a couple of guys joining the beginners class i teach next semester. I've seen men belly dance, but I've never taught any, so it's been hard trying to do my research & see how to encourage them and make certain moves more...
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    Greetings :)

    Hello, I've been using your forums to answer my questions for years now, but I finally decided to just come out of my lurky-shadows and join/participate! My name is Alex, but if you want to can call my by my stage name Xela (alex spelt backwards... ooo how tricky am i? haha) I'm 19, I've been...