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    What are you doing during quarantine?

    Greetings all. Self quarantined. Managed to clean guest and sewing rooms. Preparing to gather supplies (from different shelves) and begin cutting out future projects. This time of night can normally hear busy traffic. Roads are creepy quiet (nice, but weird). Never know what tomorrow...
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    Saroyan coins

    Enjoy collecting Saroyan coins for vintage style costumes. Arabesque, three muses, Grecian goddess, Nefertiti, solder, and rainbow coins are the ones I know about. Are there others?
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    Left handed

    Is it acceptable to dance left handed with a cane?
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    For dancers who thoroughly dislike using glue with false eyelashes, there's a new product on the market. Moxielash uses iron oxide in the eyeliner. Apply eyeliner, allow it to dry, then apply magnetic eyelashes (using fingers or plastic tweezers). Pricey, but I'm hearing good things. "Holds...
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    New costume / vintage style

    2019- New beginnings / new costume.
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    Learning from DVD's

    Not a beginner, but think there's always value in beginner classes. Purchased "Belly Dance Beginners and Beyond" with Leila of Cairo. She's lovely. Information is conveyed in positive manner, with a new way of thinking about how the moves originate and develop (new for me anyway)...
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    Current costume fashions

    It's been a while since I've performed, unsure what current fashions are, or where to look. Looked at Dahlal International,, and Bella. (Meh...shoulder shrug.) Pinterest had a couple lovelies. Prefer a vintage look (add large stones for reflection). Are there costume...
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    Amazing zills

    Mr. Ibrahim playing sagats (finger cymbals/ zills ) in Cairo, Egypt.
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    Belly Dance spotting

    Couldn't locate a thread pertaining to spotting belly dancers in recent shows. (Moderators please feel free to move this thread if there is one.) Watching Sleep Hallow television series. Kali Yuga. Spotted two dancers. One in a pink Bella, the other in a black and silver Egyptian bedlah...
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    Sewing coins

    Pondering over the next costume. Have Saroyan coins to sew onto a bra and belt set. Wondering what the best way to do it would be. How did the dancers in the 1970's do it? Jump rings? What type are strong enough? Thank you for advice.
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    Costume analysis

    A friend of mine was told "Bella costumes move better on stage". They are beautiful costumes, but movement is created through design. Open to suggestions, what have I missed?...:think:
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    What's in a word?

    A recent poorly written article had the dance community agitated (symbols included). Wondering which specific words would you like to see included in an article? Newspapers have very little space per event so in one sentence (perhaps two) describe a dancer to the general population who is...
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    Egyptian Fringe

    Someone asked how to duplicate Egyptian fringe (couldn't find the thread). I don't have a complete answer, but willing to share theories. Perhaps if we pool our knowledge we can figure it out. 1) On a well made meter of fringe, one should be able to remove a single strand from the meter...
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    It would be nice to own a Bella, however I am not spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a costume. So I set out to duplicate one. Using photos of Bella(s) and referencing Kyra's site (amazing seamstress) the costume took four months in my spare time. (Kyria's journal - Green velvet...