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  1. lilya

    Ironing a silk veil

    Apologies if this has been posted before - I think I remember seeing a thread, but I forgot to save it and I cannot find it anymore searching by "iron silk". I've managed to get away without ironing my silk veils so far (only performed with one once and it was new, no folds/wrinkles from...
  2. lilya

    Stuck on hip slide technique

    I've searched the forum a couple of times trying to see if this particular issue was discussed before but I haven't found anything specific for very basics of the hip slide. (I am linking below a few things I did find very helpful; apologies if I've missed an earlier topic...) I hadn't noticed...
  3. lilya

    Raqs Al-Masriya - An Internet Belly Dance Choreography and Dance Challenge

    As far as I can tell, this website is new (the idea is also new to me, but that does not say much :)): The signature mentions "sponsored by the Sausan Academy" (I saw posts from sausanacademy on the forum, too, up until last year); from the "About" page: The...
  4. lilya

    Is there a user setting where I can increase the time until automatic logout?

    I was just wondering if there's some way for the user to set the time until the forum logs me out automatically? (It may just do that before I finish writing this message, sometimes it seems like it's set for 15-20 minutes, but I may be wrong - I'm a slow writer.) I couldn't find something to...
  5. lilya

    "Wobbly" knee - loose ligaments

    My left (non-dominant) knee has decided to let me know that my gait (most likely) is not ideal. I've tried to protect my knees as much as I could, and generally avoid any high-impact activity. However, according to the physician, there's excessive laxity in the ligaments of the left knee...
  6. lilya

    Hello! Perpetual beginner from Canada

    Hi, I'm new to the forum... and it often feels like I'm quite new to bellydance, too. I started taking classes about four years ago - I had never danced before and I remember that it took me a few weeks to understand what the concept of shifting the weight was about... :) I kept taking one or...