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  1. Richlock

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Lydia and Marry :) Indeed, accept my condolences regarding the situation today, when people in quarantine cannot celebrate and hang out with their friends. Frankly speaking, I can't imagine what a pity it is for those who have weddings and different important events planned for...
  2. Richlock

    Hen Party

    Oh, I remember my bachelorette party! It was beautiful! My wife and I had two bachelorette parties, but we ended up meeting and continuing to celebrate everything together. I had a surprise for her. The program was perfect, firstly, we went on our hen parties and celebrated them in clubs and...
  3. Richlock

    Performer's survey for Thesis

    Are you still in progress? Wanna see the results:) I've recently discovered an article with all necessary information regarding to the paid surveys. When I was studying at university, I was always searching for a time part job as my parents couldn't afford to give me as much pocket money as I...