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  1. rsps

    Baladi after Ranya Renee

    So, I had my wonderful private with Ranya and have been pouring over her videos. I also bought her costume that is featured on one of her performance videos and just debut it for a charity event. I was so proud to dance at this small event; it was for an orphanage in India. So, here is my...
  2. rsps

    Darn you Egyptian Shimmies!!!

    That is all....;)
  3. rsps

    OMG! OMG! A Private with Ranya Renee

    OK! I'm so excited and like some little girl! My husband is getting me a private with Ranya Renee for my birthday. Wait, Can I say that again? My husband is getting me a private with Ranya Renee for my birthday! I am SO excited. Ok, can I delve into some rather personal reasons why? When I...
  4. rsps

    Belly Dance Teacher training/certification

    So, I have been thinking for a while about getting a certification in training and have been looking at Shemiran Ibrahim's online program. I've read many positive reviews of it, including some old discussions here on this site. Does any one currently on this site of experience with this...
  5. rsps

    How do you add Picture?

    How do you add a picture to your profile? I am so bad at figuring such stuff out!! :confused: Ok, duh, I just figured it out! Sorry!
  6. rsps

    Can I use a cane with this song?

    Hello everyone! Haven't been here in a while. I am preparing a song for a competition under the category of Cabaret and I want to use my cane. I don't believe the song I have is a proper Saidi. Would it be wrong of me to use a cane with this song if I'm not portraying my dance as Proper ME...
  7. rsps

    skirt pinching how to remedy/alter?

    Ok, I just got my first fitted single split skirt. It is nice, but it has elastic in the waist band and would only not pinch me if I had zero fat. It kind of accentuates my chunk. How can I ask the seamstress to alter it, yet still have it not fall off me in the middle of a performance? Is...
  8. rsps

    Video to show off Bra I MADE!

    I'm so proud of how this performance bra turned out and am in the process of getting a proper skirt to match it!! :D YouTube - Mamabellydance; Brothers Baladi, Habibi <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  9. rsps

    Converting a bra to a costume...

    I have this great gold sequined material that I want to use in a costume. I know that all the bellydance costuming instructionals say I should cut off the adjustable bra straps when converting a bra to a costume piece. Is that really a deal breaker? If I hide them well will anyone really know...
  10. rsps

    Bd to Anoushka Shankar

    I just love the sitar and think it is a great way for me to sloooow myself down. YouTube - Mamabellydance; slow isolations, Anoushka Shankar, Prayer in Passing. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  11. rsps

    Video for Critique please!!

    I think I am closer to Baladi at this point. I feel like I don't vary my moves enough though and that the audience must get bored. But this was a breakthrough for me. I tend to move waaaay too much and there was something in those Ranya Renee videos that just spoke to me and really helped me...
  12. rsps

    Reccomend Accordian Baladi's please

    I have concluded that I really love accordian baladi's they just speak to something in me. So...give me some great one's! I'll try to find some on Itunes. I already have a few by Cairo Caravan. Thank you so much!
  13. rsps

    Attempting Baladi

    So, I'm trying hard to attempt a Baladi! My teacher is mostly tribal and there are no ME/Egyptian style teachers in my area so I am pretty much stuck watching youtube videos of professional ME dancers to try and get the style down. So, advice? Be gentle. I'm still a baby bellydancer...
  14. rsps

    Share your favorite resources for costumes

    Do you have a favorite on-line resource for bd costumes? I am currently looking for a double split skirt costume with a beaded belt (is there a proper name for this costume?) I cannot find one anywhere on line! Is it better for me to bring an example for the skirt into my seamstress and have...
  15. rsps

    I am very confused by the tone of this site

    It has been interesting over the last few weeks to pop in and browse content on this site. I'm new here, new to bellydance (but not performance arts) but this place does not seem like a positive uplifting forum at all. Dance (like art and literature) is a living, dynamic thing. There are so...
  16. rsps

    My very first solo performance!

    I had so much fun! It wasn't perfect but it was a start! YouTube - Todo Tiende, Ojos de Brujo Flamenco Bellydance fusion solo, live.
  17. rsps

    Hi! from CT!

    I've posted a few times but realize I have not done a formal intro. I'm Ruth, 36 and mother to three lovely children. I started belly dancing on my own a year ago via watching youtube videos. I then started taking bellydance at the local Yoga studio. I love it and feel so alive while...
  18. rsps

    My Bellydance Flamenco Fusion

    Any tips?? I am a belly dance novice and love the flamenco fusion/latin fusion aspect. But, I would love tips on how to marry the two together. Thank you. YouTube - Buleria, Pedro Soler....Improv belly dance flamenco fusion
  19. rsps

    Belly dance Providence RI

    On the weekend of Aug 14-15. Does anyone know of any events going on? Tribal or otherwise? Please let me know! TIA. Ruth
  20. rsps

    Looking for Open Belly dance night in NYC

    Hey all. I'm looking for a good club/resturant/bar that has an open belly dance night on weekends in NYC. Watching is great. But I want to shimmy! TIA Ruth