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  1. perfectfan

    Winged Sirenny brand new website

    Hi everyone! If you are looking for silk dance props for belly dance of reasonable prices , please take a look at our new web-store The new website has more functions and is more user-friendly. You can now sort out the colors they want much more easily from probably the...
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    How would you like to have your fan veils hemmed on the ends?

    For many years I have been selling fans without hemming their ends, under the impression that hemming would affect fan's free movement. This year I got 2~3 customers complaining about fan losing threads. So we tried hemming the fan's ends and found it really nice. Hemmed borders not only...
  3. perfectfan

    What do you care most about a belly dance silk veil?

    Hi everyone! Silk-Bamboo Studio is doing an investigation about what is the most important feature of silk veils. Can you give me some ideas? In the order of most to least, which of the following features of belly dance silk veil do you care? A~Good colors: vibrant and good gradation B~light...
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    Imperfect silk veils for practice. Clearance sale! Imperfect veils. Lots of colors to choose. Clearance sale! Below are just examples.
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    How Chinese belly dance suppliers cheat you.

    Many Chinese suppliers cheat buyers with whatever photos they can find on internet, not caring whether they can really make the things. Below are the cheating listings and where they copy the original photos 1...
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    Belly dance silk veils and fan veils for KIDS!

    Silk veils for kids!
  7. perfectfan

    Does anyone dance with 5mm half circle veils?

    Merry Christmas everyone! I am a supplier of silk veils Silk & Bamboo Studio. In 2014 we are about to invent some new items, one of which is 5mm half circle veils. I do see a lot sellers making 5mm half circle veils but one of my dancer friends told me 5mm silk is too thin. To make half circle...
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    Alibaba Sellers Steal Photo!

    As a Chinese seller myself, I feel a bit of ashamed to say this, but have to let everyone know the truth. Stealing photos is very common in China. Copyright means nothing to most sellers on Alibaba. My photos are being used everywhere on Alibaba by many sellers, who I believe, not only don't...
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    Welcome to Our products include silk fan veil silk veil silk streamer silk flutter and silk veil poi We have a big stock of over 200 varieties! And we take customs order too!
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    silk-bamboo studio on Etsy! The only negative feedback we received is by a friend, who actually has received the package but didn't know how to revise the feedback:( silkbamboo studio by silkbamboo on Etsy
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    silk stuff for bellydance on ebay

    streamer, silk veil items in silk fan veil store on eBay! pois, streamers, fans, veils, flutters! Large collection!Big stock!
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    Hi! I am a supplier and i look for a model.

    Hello everybody! I am a supplier of belly dance silk fans, silk veils and some other stuff in China. Over the past 4 years i have had thousands of customers. We are a serious dealer who cares about quality and service more than anything. All our customers are satisfied with our work, or have...
  13. perfectfan

    why no one uses 8mm habotai RECTANGULAR silk veil?

    Some questions for my dear dancer friends: Why is 8mm habotai Rectangular silk veils rarely seen being used in dancing? I have seen the 5mm rectangular silk veils and 8mm half circle silk veils. But no 8mm rectangular veils...Is that because 8mm rectangular silk veils are too heavy? We want to...