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    Global Bellydance Confrence - China

    Hi all, Sorry Mods, i hope i have put this in the right place. Looks like there is a Global BD conference in china this year August. Interesting! I found out about it at the end of this short video about Didem. Belly Dance China 2013 How come we cant have this...
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    Kismet bazaar This Sat and Sun Melbourne

    there is a kismet bazaar in melbourne is anyone going, performing or holding a stall? Venue : Mt Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Cres, Mt Waverley
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    Evolution of Bellydance

    If you haven't already seen this viddy... this is an interesting compilation of bellydance from early 1900's Thomas Edisons first films to current mixes and blends of styles. Enjoy! zg9_mWFocxc&feature=g-vrec YAY!! I finally worked out how to add a video!! (more like, worked out how to read...
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    All things related to BD Store?

    Hi Ladies, Anyone here know if there is a brick and mortar store/outlet that is just related to BD stuff in MELBOURNE? Plenty on line but looking for something like a one-stop-BD-shop...? Sometimes its nice to feely-touchy before i buy :)
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    Using Slimmers?

    Anyone tried using opaque slimmers instead of sheer or fishnet tummy covers? Just curious :D
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    I don't know why I like this :)

    I just came across this and I dont know why I like it, maybe its the boppy music. :) Oh And I love the nude fishnet she's wearing. I think it would be easy to make since I have stretch marks up to me boobies!! arg! (thanks Kids!!) Enjoy! Ok.... now how to embed...... ? Hayatim - YouTube
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    To Buy or Make?

    Hi Girls, Its been a while since I posted anything been busy, busy, bussssy... I have a question, I was wondering, in your opinion, is it better to buy a custom/ready to go costume or try and make one? And If you were to buy one what would be the absolute maximum you would pay for a full top...
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    Selling These at a BD Bazaar

    Hi gals, Im just curious to know if selling these kinds of BD belts at a BD Bazzar would be regarded as tacky and maybe I should stick to more 'quality' hip scarves instead? I got the impression they weren't right for selling. Just want your feedback. cheers! Oh any I will post in...
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    First Class ever!

    I had my first BD class last week and I'm going through withdrawals BAAADD!! I absolutely love it and wished I was introduced to BD many years earlier. Its only once a week and I wish it was at least twice. Id say everyday but i couldn't fit it all in hahah! I'm hunting a second class, that's...
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    60's BD Footage!

    Don't know how I found this, my interwebby travels around the virtual globe brought me here to British Pathe. Its BW footage abut sadly no sound though she is supposed to be dancing to pop music! It kind of looks like BD cross with 60's style go-go dancing. Im still watching the whole thing...
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    Looking for Bellydance classes in Melbourne

    Hi all, I have noticed that there are a few Aussie ladies roaming the boards. I was wondering if anyone knew of any classes available my side of town in Melbourne, Mulgrave to be exact but can travel to Glen Waverley, Springvale & Dandenong areas (plus South Eastern Suburbs). I have done...
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    Hi all!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to learn more about bellydancing as I start my new journey into this lovely art form. I just posted in Beauty and fitness for some advice. If anyone has anything to add please do! Cheers! Jenn
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    Dancing post Tummy tuck?

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to bellydance and decided to take up this beautiful dance as a way to try and get some core strength back into my body. As I have a few problems due to two 'big for my body' pregnancies I have ended up with an umbilical hernia and a terrible separation of my stomach...