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  1. Tanglefoot

    Make Up for Male Dancers

    Okay I have started performing, still a reluctant dancer or rather, and under confident one but, well I am nibbling at it, one step at a time and so I have come to the question of make up. I am aware male belly dancers wear make up as do many other kinds of male dancer, but I am at a bit of a...
  2. Tanglefoot

    Grandmother's Secrets by Rosina- Fawzia Al - Rawi

    Grandmother's Secrets- The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, translated by Monique Arav. I do recommend this book as you know those movements we learn, well they have meaning and it's good to understand the meaning behind the movement and there is more...
  3. Tanglefoot

    Sara Farouk at Shimmy Cocktail in SW UK this June!

    Sara Farouk at Shimmy Cocktail this June! Written by Ameera on 15 January 2015. Saturday 13 June 2015 SHIMMY COCKTAIL A day full of fun, dancing and making new friends With the world renowned belly dance teacher and choreographer Sara Farouk, based in...
  4. Tanglefoot

    My problem with this dance....

    ...... is me , not the dance, for I love the dance, what I don't love is me and I don't love me because I don't know what I am. Yeah sure I am male but attracted to feminine pursuits including belly dance and recently Grandmother's sectrets by Rosina Fawzia Al Rawi brought that home to me, for I...
  5. Tanglefoot

    Home practice music , what's your favourite ?

    This is mine ; V-TrQJpF-PI And played loud
  6. Tanglefoot

    Egyptian Male Jellabiya for dancing.

    My next question is about the Jellabiya worn by Egyptian male oriental dancers such as Miro and Tito Seif that I know of, I need to know what is the uniform, what does the dress consist of, secondly does anyone know of any online patterns for such or at least a legible design that a pattern can...
  7. Tanglefoot

    How important is a dance name in performance?

    I understand the reasons which may exist for a professional for having a dance name but for the amateur I used to think such was pretentious, but now I am not so sure. I am not so sure because well performance is acting where a dance name is a character to be played whilst performing. I am...
  8. Tanglefoot

    Is Language the problem, The English Language ?

    The stuff that many or perhaps some of us struggle with regards the dance that we do to what is to all intents and purposes foreign music, are we as English language users limited in our expression through the English language being limited in it's expression ? As I have seen it myself and had...
  9. Tanglefoot

    Social Anxiety

    I have sort of come to the latest idea as to what keeps me in dance classes and keeps me away from performance where I have being doing classes for over five years now where so many tell me I can do it and why won't I, where through exasperation I have asked myself that question at last and come...
  10. Tanglefoot

    Pilates or Yoga?

    Which is the most suitable exercise regimen for belly dance, Pilates or Yoga and if Yoga which style?
  11. Tanglefoot

    Drummers Vest?

    Does anyone know if there is and where there is a pattern for making what is known as a drummer's vest on the internet ?
  12. Tanglefoot

    Sümer Ezgü - Çökertme Lyrics and English Translation ?

    Learning a choreo to this at the moment, what's it about, does anyone have the lyrics and translation of those or even just what's the song about ? Sümer Ezgü - Çökertme Sümer Ezgü - Çökertme | ? Video
  13. Tanglefoot


    Yay, I'm in, Tanglefoot I call myself for yes I do tangle feet- often for directional stupidity dances with me, where I have been here before but the past needs to be forgotten for me at least, for I have been a shy male belly dance student for these past five years where some may know me on...