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  1. da Sage

    Shanazel, this one's for you

    I've never been a horse girl, but these photos are amazing.
  2. da Sage

    Identify this 3-person troupe

    Identify this 3-person troupe! I'm not shilling for the Intensive, I just want to know the name of the trio that's performing at 1:12 in this video: On3SWQSVnsc
  3. da Sage

    Old Style American Bellydance - How different was it?

    Old style American different was it? How typical are these clips? YouTube - Elvis Presley - Little Egypt. YouTube - Star Trek Bellydance Was there more emphasis on hand/arm work, torso work, much less on hip work? I know that floorwork is much less popular now. I got a...
  4. da Sage

    The Best Instructional Video Ever!!!!!

    OMG!!! Just in time for winter weather! CW-5-1WK9dc (I like the idea of YouTube instructional videos...but sometimes the real thing is So Annoyingly Longwinded and Unhelpful.)
  5. da Sage

    How do you organize your dance stuff?

    Do you alphabetize your CDs and DVDs? Do you divide by title, artist, or subject matter (Turkish here, Egyptian there, drumming elsewhere)? I'm unpacking some boxes, and finding things I forgot I had!:lol:
  6. da Sage

    Even great teachers have bad students! Or do they?

    Even great teachers have bad students! True or false? In another thread, we are talking about some dancers who learned from YouTube. Aside from their poor judgment in starting out with an intermediate ATS course and asking to be hired on as sounds like they have decent technical...
  7. da Sage

    Help me with my history

    Can someone recommend a good book about European colonialism in the Middle East? In english, please. :) I'm looking for history, but if you can recommend good fiction in that setting, I'd enjoy that, too.
  8. da Sage

    Tattoos in a language that you don't know...

    ...sometimes don't work out so well. Bad Hebrew Tattoos: You Shall Not Tattoo - For Real?
  9. da Sage

    Video game - Mata Hari

    Has anyone played it? I picked it up on a whim, the animation is kind of primitive. It seems to be a mystery sort of game.
  10. da Sage

    Taking classes in a tight community

    Hello ladies and gents, In my local bellydance scene, there are lots of options for classes. There's a studio or community ed class to suit almost anyone's stylistic tastes (with the exception of a ATS/Fat Chance sister-school). I recently learned that one of my dance partners is going to...
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    Oh, never mind

    Sorry, I got carried away
  12. da Sage

    Not raqs beaver, but...

    What do people wear under those super-tight beledi dresses? Supposedly they are "modest" but the audience can see the whole body. You can see the dancers' navels, you can see their cellulite, but I have never seen a panty line. Do beledi dancers wear thongs? Or nothing at all?
  13. da Sage

    I want to buy stuff! Are you selling anything?

    Hello store owners! Video creators! Ebay sellers! Teachers with online content for sale! Workshop promoters! I've got money to spend on dance related products and experiences. So does everyone else on this forum. However, if I think you (or a friend of yours) is making posts to this forum...
  14. da Sage

    I've discovered what I hate most about performing

    delete delete
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    Is it OK to suck?

    I'm not a great dancer. I've seen many dancers with less class time and less total learning time whip past me in terms of technique, creativity, stage presence. At what point is it "the better part of valor" to give up? Should someone with less talent continue her quest to improve? Is it...
  16. da Sage

    Indonesian hotels

    I just read that there were bombs at the Mariott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta. I know we have some internationally-working dancers who post here, I hope they are all OK (Salome?). The bombings are so sad and pointless. How awful for the families of the people who died.:(
  17. da Sage

    Use of skirt in dance

    So what do you ladies think of this costume? The dancer has hooked her full skirt onto her fingers, and doesn't put it down during the whole song. Do you think it enhances her presentation, or does it work against her? BhDe_AUPwnQ
  18. da Sage

    Bellydance vs. Folk Dancing

    I just came from a costume thread, and started thinking about the differences between folk dancing (as it exists in the USA), and belly dancing (as it exists in the USA). We often say that bellydance is a folk dance, but we don't treat it that way. I've never been in a folk-dancing troupe, but...
  19. da Sage

    Etiquette question

    So my friend and I are going to a science fiction convention. We are renting a room, and would like to split it four ways to save money. We're both women, and I originally planned to have an all-female room. Her friends would like to room with us, they are a M/F couple. I don't know them...
  20. da Sage

    Looking for a video

    Someone posted a video in February or March that had a great solo dancer in it. I think she was American, and she was described as "not in any hurry". I had to watch it without sound at the library, and now that I have my internet back, I'd like to watch it again with sound. Does anyone...