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  1. Kracko

    What is the purpose of navel jewels?

    I've grown fond of the idea of navel jewels but I was curious how it adds to a dance costume visually. What would be the difference if a dance costume did not feature a navel jewel or something like it etc.?
  2. Kracko

    Belly Dancing Animations and Art

    I apologize for the offense. As an animator it's important to have an audience understand the movement of a characters' anatomy and I thought it would be much easier to visually understand my work with that model as opposed to having a character that didn't visually show enough anatomy to...
  3. Kracko

    Belly Dancing Animations and Art

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum and I've made it known that I am an animator/artist that has been a big fanatic of belly dancing. I'd like to post this thread for posting belly dance related artwork. Anyone can post here in case anyone wants to contribute their artwork as well. We can also...
  4. Kracko

    Hiya! Nice to meet all of you.

    ahh I see. They are SWF files so you will need to have the latest version of flash installed to view them. Here's the first one of those animations in a gif format: Hmm.. I'm not sure if there are any male...
  5. Kracko

    Is there an Art section to this forum?

    Hi I was curious if there was an art section to this forum where one can post their work. Like a subforum called "Belly Dancing Artwork" maybe?
  6. Kracko

    Hiya! Nice to meet all of you.

    I'm a student artist/animator that has always been a big fan of belly dancing. I've always really wanted to make belly dancing animations and get feedback from real belly dancers so I can make much more appealing and realistic belly dancing animations. It's such a beautifully sensual art form...