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  1. Moondancer

    What do you charge?

    Hey everyone, I've just started a student performance troupe at my university. We perform at many events in my city, especially student balls/formals/fundraising events, etc. Until now we've been VERY generous and have mostly peformed for free. But we no longer want to be exploited. :naghty: I...
  2. Moondancer

    which tribal dvds?

    I'm looking for a tribal style dvd that has some good yoga practice on it. I already own Ariellah's which I loooove but I do it practcally every day and I'd like a bit of a change. I know that some people think that one shouldn't move on to fusion without having done ATS beforehand but I can't...
  3. Moondancer

    Tribal style dvds

    I'm looking for some dvds on tribal and tribal fusion because i wanna learn more about these styles. does anyone have any recommendations? what about rachel brice's or ariellah's instructional dvds? thx
  4. Moondancer

    Help with belly rolls

    hey all! i was wondering whether someone can help me out. i am trying hard to master belly rolls and i think i'm actually starting to get somewhere! :dance: however, i just wanna make sure i'm doing it right: i think i've learnt how to isolate two different muscles in my belly- the diaphragm...