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  1. BellyDance Girl

    The "REAL" Santa's LIVE webcam - Tell the Kids!

    Joulupukin Kammari - Santa Claus Office - Joulupukki, Lapland, Finland, Rovaniemi I've been going to this site for a couple of year now. Very enjoyable if you celebrate the secular part of Christmas. Indoor and outdoor cams from Santa's workshop in Finland. Kids love it. Joulupukin Kammari...
  2. BellyDance Girl

    My Practice Video

    I've recorded a few videos of my practice. This one I feel is my best. It incorporates the only moves I learned from my first 8 week beginner's class, without the zills and last two side steps. This is the 'full circle' our instructor taught us. It is certainly different looking at yourself...
  3. BellyDance Girl

    Just got my first costume!!!!!

    I'm so excited! I love it!
  4. BellyDance Girl

    TV/internet question for euorpeans

    this question has nothing to do with dance, but internet cable television in Europe .... I'm in sales, and I freelance. One of the projects I am working on is a local medical TV show on regular cable television. The owner of the show is expanding his network to the web, to include 24...
  5. BellyDance Girl

    Did I over-react? and THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SHARED!

    After a few days of conversation and therapy, I dare say that I may have over-reacted, and didn't give my boyfriend much room or choice after I had the pre-conceived notion that he wasn't going to like my dance. Because of my past, I know and have realized that I can be very guarded and...
  6. BellyDance Girl

    embarassed as well as angry

    I finally danced for my boyfriend and it was a disaster. I'm embarrassed, very sad, and a bit angry. I have details on my official blog - if anyone is interested in reading more. Has anyone else had a surprisingly negative reaction from a significant other?:(
  7. BellyDance Girl

    Is Tribe giving you Donut messages too?

    I joined Tribe about the same time I joined this forum. This is the second time within a few weeks I've encountered a crummy "Donut Freak Out" message each time I load it. My computer is almost 8 years old, so at least at first I thought it was just me. Anyone else in a bellydance Tribe and...
  8. BellyDance Girl

    New student needs a dancer name

    Would anyone know where I can find an online reference for names for belly dancers and their meaning? Perhaps I'm not ready for a name yet, since I am so new I haven't developed a style or persona.
  9. BellyDance Girl

    Hello!!! First Day Here, 5th week in lessons

    Hello! This forum was suggested by Jeannie in the yahoo group called Belly-dancing I will be taking my 5th beginners lesson tomorrow. I have contemplated learning to belly dance for years and I finally got the gumption to do it!!! And, I love it!!! I've also began blogging about this new...