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  1. yamiharu

    Do I take classes or not?

    Hi, everyone, Even though I've been dancing for over a year, I never really had bellydancing classes... My first contact with this art was through a friend of mine, due to distance problems (she lives right across the city) I couldn't learn much from her. Then I got all the videos and music...
  2. yamiharu

    Of hard times and the joy of dance

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted anything for a very long time, I got into college and I never quit dancing... right now I'm going through rough times and untill now I've realized that when I dance I feel at peace... even happy :rolleyes: I don't know... have any of you felt like this before? I...
  3. yamiharu

    ¡Hola! from Latinamerica

    Hey everyone, my name is Constanza and I live in Santiago, Chile... I must confess that I've always admired people who could bellydance, but I never saw myself dancing... But now I can say that I fell in love with this art, I forget about the world, my problems, everything... I want to be a...