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  1. taheya

    Video editing software

    Hi all anyone know of any video dvd editing software available on the web? I want to edit some of my videos and Im getting nowhere fast!! Thanks!
  2. taheya

    raqia hassan DVDs europe

    Hi all, anyone know where i can buy Raqia instructional dvds in Europe/ uk? The only vendors i have found so far are in the US, any help greatly appreciated!
  3. taheya

    Shaabi and baladi songs please help!

    Hi all, can anyone tell me where i can get these two songs from: the first is shaabi one which Aida Hassan so wonderfully danced too in the video clips thread: YouTube - Aida Hassan 10.10.10.mp4 The second is a wonderful song David dances too beautifully: YouTube - Male Bellydancer DaVid of...
  4. taheya

    Teaching music any reccomendations?

    Hi all, please help! Can anyone reccomend good steady beat teaching music- I want to try and vary what I use so am getting stuck! I need slow rhythms and fast ones preferably, thanks in advance!
  5. taheya

    The wonderful Camelia- back performing again!

    What an incredible dancer Camelia is- i was choked watching her at the recent JOY festival and I was thrilled to see new videos of her performing in Cairo on youtube- enjoy!! rGcRnMSLVzI YouTube - Camelia 1
  6. taheya

    Shisha Lounge Oriental dance showcase UK

    Hi all, just want to let you all know about a new monthly event in Peterborough, UK. Shisha Lounge is a monthly bellydance showcase of fabulous guest performers and disco, turkish quisine and licensed bar available. Opening night 26th July 2009. Check out website for details and tickets...
  7. taheya

    Versions of leilat hob

    Can anybody help me find a really good version of Leilat hob? The version I have is on the very bellydance album and sounds a bit like lift music!! I love this song though and really want to hear a good version! Thanks x
  8. taheya

    Fifi Abdo coming to the UK wooohooooo!!!!

    Fifi Abdo is going to be teaching at the uk bellydance congress- how fabulous is that, Im so excited.....cant believe it!!!!!!:dance:
  9. taheya

    Abdel halim hafez

    Hi all, anybody know of good quality versions of Abdel halim hafez and mohamed abdel wahab's songs available online?? I have found the original versions of some songs but the quality is not that good. I am also interested in hearing remixes or cover versions if anyone knows of any. Any help...
  10. taheya

    In praise of Randa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a fantastic time at the midlands dance extravaganza and I took 3 workshops with Randa who was an incredible teacher!!!! Physically extremely demanding but my God so inspiring!!!! Her performance on the saturday night was out of this world --- just breathtaking and to see her in such...
  11. taheya

    My crazy brother!!

  12. taheya

    Dance Insurance to perform

    Has anybody got any reccomendations on dance insurance for performers in the UK? I have been advised by an agency that I need my own insurance but I dont know where to go for it!
  13. taheya

    Jillina with arabic band

    I am not a Jillina fan..however I think that this is a really good clip of her dancing with an arabic band. 16o47GdLL3I
  14. taheya

    Wonderful Baladi!

    Mado an Egyptian dancer: G3l0KvsxQLo
  15. taheya

    Randa coming to the Midlands UK

    Hello all just to remind everbody that Maria d'Silva is hosting Randa in the Midlands Dance Extravaganza on 31st May/ June 1st...Ill be there, cant wait! :dance: Info at: Midlands Arabic Dance - Maria D'Silva
  16. taheya

    Katia Russian dancer in Cairo

    One of my favourite dancers at the moment, the wonderful Katia russian dancer in Cairo. I absolutely love her style! GVNBhq4-WIM RkjpQanAqCI
  17. taheya


    Joy was fantastic!! I had such a great time and I am so inspired!! I did a fabulous workshop with Khaled, Khaleegi tabla, also workshops with Shafeek, Sara Farouk and Aida Nour. All really good and I really feel like I have learnt alot. The show was great on saturday night.. Aida Nour...
  18. taheya

    Countdown to JOY!

    Yippee Joy this weekend! I am travelling down tomorrow... I couldnt find the other Joy thread so posted again. Who else is going? :dance:
  19. taheya

    Female circumcision in Egypt

    Hi all i have read today on bbc news that about 90% of egyptian women are you think this is true? I have heard of this practice going on in other countries but did not know it to be true of Egypt. Also it says that this practice has been banned for 10 years yet still is going...
  20. taheya

    Melodia or similar dance trousers

    Anyone know where to get hold of a pair of dance trousers melodia style but which arent so expensive?? I have seen melodias on ebay and they seem quite pricey. I just want them for class wear. Any help will be appreciated!