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    Help me recognize this wonderful song!!

    Hi!! I've finally got the chance to rec a wonderful song we use at lesson *__* Please help me identify the title and the artist! It's sung by a man and it has a wonderful electric guitar solo. I find it incredibly emotional and sweet, perfect for a slow, sensual dance! The effective duration...
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    Which song is this? I love it!

    Hi ;) I'd really like to know the title and the artist who sings this cheerful song :D Does anybody know it? :pray: Here's the link to download the song.
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    do you know a song with electric guitar?

    Hi! I'm looking for this wonderful song we use during lessons: it's sung by a young man, but in the last part there is an electric guitar solo which sounds like a carlos santana song.. The melody is very romantic and rather "western", completely lovely! The language seems arabian... or indian...
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    That song Jillina dances to in her video...

    Does anybody know the name of the first song Jillina dances to in her video "The art of bellydancing"? It's at the end, when she eventually performs in front of an audience. I absolutely love it :shok:
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    Hi, I'm Luciana from Italy!

    Hello everyone! My name is Luciana, I'm 20 (well, turning 21 tomorrow) and I've been learning belly dance for two months. I'm completely in love with this dance and with all it represents both on a cultural and social level. I know that I'm a "newbie" in this worls, but I hope I'll get to know...