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  1. DancersDad

    Belly Dance Superstars Television Program

    The night before last my daughter and I were flippin' through the channels on the ol' tube looking for something interesting to watch. Lo and behold there was a program featuring belly dance on HDNet. It was called Belly Dance Superstars. It had a subtitle as well but I cannot remember it but...
  2. DancersDad

    Daughters dance class growing

    I'm so happy for my daughter and her belly dance class. After their performance in the local July 4th parade they got tons of calls from folks who had no idea the class even existed. She also had three friends of hers join the class. I'm very happy to see that happen as the area where we live...
  3. DancersDad

    Happy Independence Day!

    I would like to say happy 4th of July to all of the American members (non-American members, I hope, will have a great day, as well). Please all have a safe and fun celebration! :) dus'
  4. DancersDad

    4th of July parade 1st performance

    Ok, well, please pardon the poor vid quality. The telephoto function on my camera decided to pick today to not work properly, so I had to adjust by physically moving myself. But, as it is, it was the first time my daughter's class has done anything in the realm of a public performance. She's...
  5. DancersDad

    Dancers (or dancers support) from Michigan?

    I was just wondering if there were many folks here from Michigan? My daughter and I (she is the dancer, I am the background support) live in the Upper Peninsula. Just thought it might be nice to meet others with the same interest in the same state. Take care. :) dus'
  6. DancersDad

    My daughter's first skirt/hip scarf

    We, my daughter and I, made this two days ago. She needed an outfit for the upcoming 4th of July parade and so we decided to make one. She chose a satin sheet for the material for the skirt, which we actually made in once piece. It's a form of a basic A line skirt with some variation. The...
  7. DancersDad

    New dancer's dad

    Hello everyone. I'd like to introduce myself here in the forum. My name is Dusty and I'm the father of an 18 y/o daughter who has recently taken up belly dance. She has about 9 years of dance experience under her belt in ballet, tap, and jazz. So far she really loves the belly dance classes...