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  1. Anatoliy

    They hack I unhack. Who will get tired of it first?

    Well, one hour ago the forum was hacked by some Saudi hackers. It didn't take long for me to fix the forum. However I still didn't find the hole they got in, so it's not patched and they can do it again. I contacted the VBulletin team (we run our forum on their software) - hope the hole will be...
  2. Anatoliy

    New way to view attachments.

    We made some changes to the thumbnail viewing process. Hope you will like it. You can click the thumbnail to enlarge and click it again to return. Plus when you enlarged one picture you can use arrow keys on your keyboard for next and previous pictures.
  3. Anatoliy

    The best way to surf Belly Dance forums

    Howdy mates, I know many of you visit not just this forum but other Belly dance forums as well. I thought that you might find this new tool I made useful. It allows you to easily jump from one Belly Dance forum to another. Check Belly Dance Forums and let me know your feedback.
  4. Anatoliy

    I quit smoking!

    Last night I burned the rest of my cigarets, so from this morning I DO NOT SMOKE! I need your help and support. Those who quit - tell me about the things that helped you quite. Keep me busy reading and posting in this thread - distracting me from thinking about smoking. Send non-smoking vibes my...
  5. Anatoliy

    Advertisement system for the forum

    Hey everyone, We know that banners can be annoying at times. On the other hand it's prudent to provide some space for advertisers in order to financially support a large web source. You might notice a new floating banner on the forum. I'm working on an advertisement system for the forum...
  6. Anatoliy

    Reintroducing Belly Dance Forum RSS

    While checking the forum statistics I found out that about 25% of our visitors use FireFox browser. What a nice surprise. :D The fan base of this great browser is growing pretty fast. As every fourth visitor of the forum is able to take advantage of RSS it would not be very smart of me to keep...
  7. Anatoliy

    New style for the forum

    I'm working on a new style for the forum. It's almost done and I'd like to ask you for feedback. To see the new style select "Sunset" from "Quick style chooser" drop-down menu (left bottom corner). What do you like, what don't you like, what did I miss? (Don't pay attantion to the blue buttons...
  8. Anatoliy

    Launch of

    Hello, Salome and I are pleased to announce our newest community feature, a blogging system just for the Belly dance community. It is a free and easy way to start and maintain a personal blog (web log). Each member of the Belly dance community can have their own personal blog with a unique web...
  9. Anatoliy

    Blogs anyone?

    Hi everyone, After the success of the photo gallery, we thought it would be great to add another interactive feature to - Blogs. Each person who desires can have their own personal blog (web log) with a unique url (web address) and ability to customize apperance, layout...
  10. Anatoliy

    Where do you shop?

    Hi everyone, For those of you who shop on-line, I'd like to pick your brain with a couple of questions: what web-sites do you like to shop at and why? Your input will help us grow and improve. Thanks so much!
  11. Anatoliy

    New emoticon - Yay!

    After I saw it on another forum I just couldn't not add it to our forum. :yay:
  12. Anatoliy

    Video conference and voice chat

    Kiadorin came up with a great idea, video conference ability for forum members. This is something that we can set up right away. Members of our forum can easily make free video (or simply voice chat) calls to each other using "Skype". Skype is messenger software (maybe some of you already use...
  13. Anatoliy


    Dear members, we have a new policy regarding the signature feature. Members may post up to one line in their signature field. If you exceed one line you will see an error message and that will be your cue to go back and shorten your signature. Pictures, including smilies, are not permitted...
  14. Anatoliy

    Poll: Speed of forum

    Dear members, as you may know we just changed hosting providers. I'd like to get your feedback on the speed of the forum, if the pages seem to load faster.
  15. Anatoliy

    Poll: New Smilies

    Dear Members, I replaced all smilies with new ones. :dance: I'd like to get your feedback regarding smilies. Thanks
  16. Anatoliy

    Let's do a link exchange!

    As many of you know, it is important to have as many links to your web-site from other related sites as possible, because this raises the position of your web-site in search engine results thus increasing traffic to your web-site. There are many successful services out there designed to...
  17. Anatoliy

    Happy Birthday Sara!

  18. Anatoliy

    What is "User Reputation"?

    Our Forum has a "User Reputation" system. If you are wondering what it is and how it works read on. Each member of the forum has a "User Reputation". New users receive 10 points in their "User Reputation" upon registering. Points can be added or deducted from a member's "User Reputation" by...
  19. Anatoliy

    Happy Birthday to Chryssanthi Sahar!

  20. Anatoliy

    Happy Birthday to Viv!