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  1. Greek Bonfire

    Nice to be here :)

    Great that you fell back in love with the dance!
  2. Greek Bonfire

    2020 World Weather Thread

    We had winds here gusting up to ONLY 69 mph!
  3. Greek Bonfire

    Back from a long break

    There are one or two Facebook pages that have interesting discussion but nowhere near what Bhuz had.
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    You got that right. Our governor here has been very strict and very hard on the restaurant industry, while last weekend he was seen celebrating in the streets over the presidential victory. He was wearing a mask but he was not social distancing plus he was supposed to be in quarantine since he...
  5. Greek Bonfire

    Finding a Teacher

    Cinzia Purificato in Italy is an international bellydancer who is wonderful, and she has been offering free workshops every month. The time here for me to join is in the morning between 8:30-9:30 but I do get a chance to gulp some coffee.
  6. Greek Bonfire


    If this is a political hoax, how come the entire world is getting it???
  7. Greek Bonfire

    Yet another odd question...

    What Torbeau said.
  8. Greek Bonfire


    I listen to the science, not the politicians. The scientists say a mask works as well as social distancing. People who call this a conspiracy are very narrow minded and ignorant. If this offends anyone, so be it, but since when do politicians know more than scientists and doctors about serious...
  9. Greek Bonfire


    Numbers are way up here too; in fact, this second wave is even worse than the first wave, never mind a certain leader saying we've rounded the curve on COVID, when in fact, we are still deep in the trenches.
  10. Greek Bonfire

    2020 World Weather Thread

    For the last five days in Chicago, the weather has been unseasonably warm with temperatures in the 60-77 degree area. The weather here in 2020 has been very favorable in every season.
  11. Greek Bonfire

    Belly Dancing During Quarantine

    While possible some of this stuff is true, I think a lot of it is romanticized and not based on fact. In most, if not all cultures, ritual dances were used for many of life's events. However, I have known some bellydancers who had a very hard time giving birth.
  12. Greek Bonfire

    Belly Dancing During Quarantine

    Good article for someone brand new to the dance.
  13. Greek Bonfire

    "Classic" belly dance songs

    May he rest in peace along with Hossam Ramzy, Setrak Srkessian and Eddie Kochak, to name a few great recently passing.
  14. Greek Bonfire

    Erhan Ay- 2016 Mediterranean Delight Festival, Greece

    I've seen him before and he is A-MAZ-ING!
  15. Greek Bonfire

    Hair Hennaed...

    I used henna years ago just for fun. It definitely is very messy but the results afterwards were great. I have fine hair but a lot of it; however, the henna made my hair a little "coarser" and just enough to give it the body coarser hair has.
  16. Greek Bonfire

    "Classic" belly dance songs

    Whenever I hear Hakim, I think of the Muezzin call because he does have the note range. But I find his tone a little harsh for my taste.
  17. Greek Bonfire

    "Classic" belly dance songs

    Gamal Goma is the artist for Sahra Saida.
  18. Greek Bonfire

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    I may be just a stick in the mud, but where's the fringe, the glamour, the exotic east? This looks more like a Halloween costume!