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  1. Miyu

    Saidi - "'Layali Aswan"

    Wondering if anyone knows who the artist is? Here is a link to the song, it was not easy to find it (I'm not the dancer in the video): Saidi by Raphaëlle - YouTube Would also like to know if it's on a CD I can buy somewhere. Thank you!
  2. Miyu

    Gorgeous Professional Belly Dance Costume/bedlah Crystal Collection D-cup/Silk Veil

    Gorgeous Turquoise Blue Veil Iridescent Shimmering Silk like 3 yard! Stunning turquoise iridescent shimmering green 3 yard veil from Moondance. Brand new! Bought for $20. Silk like material, flows beautifully through the air. Rolled hem edging. 44x108. Selling for $15 + shipping ($5). Bought...
  3. Miyu

    Gorgeous Professional Belly Dance Costume/bedlah Crystal Collection D-cup/Silk Veil

    Stunning bedlah/dance costume, bra and skirt. Gradient color and has a lot of sparkle! Brand new, never worn. Selling as the bra doesn't quite fit me in size. Blue/Pink/Purple colors. Cup: D (padded) Underbust: Up to 37 in High Hips: 32 to 38 in Low Hips: 34 to 40 in Length: 40 in Selling for...
  4. Miyu

    Translation for shaabi song 'Ana Fol'

    Hi fellow dancers! I'm looking for lyrics and/or translation for the song 'Ana Fol' by Mostafa Kamel. Let me know if you know something about it. Thanks :)
  5. Miyu

    Gorgeous purple Professional Belly dance costume Bra Belt Skirt Veil NEW! Price reduced!
  6. Miyu

    Gorgeous ivory/blue costume D-cup, free shipping! I can also sell it ouside of ebay. Free shipping worldwide :)
  7. Miyu

    Khaleegy dress

    Color not important. Preferably around $50.
  8. Miyu

    Saroyan & Mesmera zill DVD

    For a reasonable price. Thanks!
  9. Miyu

    Gorgeous costume D cup! Free shipping!
  10. Miyu

    Gorgeous 3 piece costume!

    Take a look! Professional Belly dance Costume designer bedlah | eBay $200. Accept Paypal and ship worldwide :dance:
  11. Miyu

    ISO fanveils FAST!

    Need red or partly red fanveils for a performance next weekend. Also open for other colors, but must see picture before. Within US only. Thanks!
  12. Miyu

    Head accessory $10

    Limegreen. Brand new and bought in Egypt.
  13. Miyu

    Looking for a balance tray

    What the title says :) looking for a head tray to balance candles on.
  14. Miyu

    Performance and breathing...

    Hello dancers! I would like some advice on breathing techniques while dancing. I find myself getting (and looking!) stiff because Im almost always holding my breath. So that 'professional smile' goes away! Im trying to use spins and turns to breathe but its wont work those times when you have...
  15. Miyu

    Sukker Bulaq

    Im looking for the song but seems you cant download it from anywhere! Might be because of the different spellings.. If anyone feels kind enough to send it to me I would be very happy! :D (thats my msn too) THANKS!
  16. Miyu

    Looking for a song! you know it?

    Im looking for the name of a song, its upbeat and happy and in the beginning they are singing something "dum dum tak a tak dum tak a tak taka dum dum tak a dum dum hmm!" Any clues?
  17. Miyu

    Sewing a galabeya for cane dance! Help!

    In lack of a galabeya in the right color for my next performance (a cane dance), I took a black tight dress and made splits on the sides and sewed on platic gold sequins/plates and it looks great. The dress looks like a beledi style cause it got 3/4 arm. This is my first contact with a saidi...
  18. Miyu

    Persian song "Miras"?

    Persian song? Hello dancers! Im looking for the song to this persian dance, its called Jaame Eshgh sung by Miras. Here is the clip to you can hear it. would be SO thankful if you can tell me where I can download it or send it to me! YouTube - Persian dance...
  19. Miyu

    Headband /w tassels?

    Im looking for a headband to my beledi dress, preferably creme, orange or yellow and with multi colored tassels, like these ones: If you know where I can find one separate headband to buy, let me know where! Thanks!
  20. Miyu

    Eshta ya Amar?

    Im looking for a song called Eshta ya Amar. Please let me know if you have it! :clap: