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  1. Darbla

    Anybody bought from

    They have velvet hip scarves that look a little fancier than the plainest ones I've seen out there, and they are still around $20. I've got a class coming up and may need a bunch. Belly Dance Scarf - Hip scarves and Coin Scarves - Belly Dance Costume - Belly Dancing
  2. Darbla

    Tito and David of Scandinavia - Atlanta, May 2010

    Is it a little early for me to get excited about this? :dance: BLACK ORCHID DANSE
  3. Darbla

    Looking for specific version of 'Bhumbro Bhumbro'

    In a workshop this past weekend, we did an Indian dance to 'Bhumbro Bhumbro' but it was not the version from 'Mission Kashmir'. It was more of a remix that was slower with more powerful beats. Have any of you come across something like that?
  4. Darbla

    Looking for vid posted here

    Not too long ago someone here on the site posted a video of an Indian girl doing Indian dance. Now I can't find it to show it to someone, and I've looked in this forum, in the styles forum, and in the performance forum. Do any of you remember it?
  5. Darbla

    Cheap, clean places to stay in Houston for the Ansuya workshop weekend?

    A friend and I are thinking about going to that Ansuya thing at the end of this month, but then I heard that hotel tax in Houston is 30% !!!!! That's robbery !!!! So do any of you know of some good places to stay that aren't too over-the-top expensive? How about college dorms (I've heard they...
  6. Darbla

    Can a two piece belt be made larger?

    Found a costume I adore but there's no way the belt is going to fit me as it is. Since it is in two pieces, I thought about sewing a little matching "extender" bit of cloth at each side. Have any of you ever heard of doing anything like this?
  7. Darbla

    Sadie's "Complete Bellydance Guide" DVD Sadie's Complete Bellydance Guide: Sadie, Vigen Khachatourian, Patrik Der-Ashotian: Movies & TV This just came out just a couple of months ago. Do any of you have it and review it? I have a drum solo DVD of hers that I think it is great, so I was considering this. I'm wondering...
  8. Darbla

    Decorating with hip scarves?

    We probably all have a few hip scarves that we used when we started but no longer use. What are some decorating tips for them? I thought about tying them around lampshades, but is that a fire hazard? I figure the lampshade isn't catching on fire, so would the hip scarf?
  9. Darbla

    Care of brass zils?

    I bought a couple pairs of used zils and would like to brighten them up. I googled for general brass cleaning tips, but found every web site had a different home remedy. So I thought I'd ask the zils experts: what do you all use? I don't think these are heavily soiled, so I'll start with a...
  10. Darbla

    Perfume oil addiction

    How many of you are perfume addicts? I am, and I make my own bath & body stuff and candles so I've got plenty to play with. :D Other than the stuff I make, I buy from Arcana Soaps (they have perfume oils too), Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and Heaven and Earth Essentials. I would love to get...
  11. Darbla

    Can you make a bra more supportive?

    I have found a costume I like but the bra seems too flimsy for me. Is there something I can do to beef it up? I don't want to change the exterior look of it but my 34Ds need more uplift. I can probably sew grosgrain ribbon under the straps and band that goes around your rib cage to make them...
  12. Darbla

    Keti Sharif's "Jewel of Arabia" DVD and "Magic of the Orient" CD

    I'm about to order these, but thought I would see if any of you have them, have learned all you're going to off them, and want to get them out of your way and get some of your money back. Thanks!
  13. Darbla

    Has Turkish Corner gone out of business?

    Both their phone number and web site are no longer working. :( Just wondering if any of you knew anything definitive. Edit: I've been ordering hip scarves from them. They have several models (Vegas, Aphrodite, Shakira) that have lots of coins, are heavy, nice sound when shimmying, and...
  14. Darbla

    Thickening up thin hair?

    A friend of mine has very long but thinnish hair. I think it's beautiful but she wishes it was thicker. What are her options as far as hairpieces she can use and leave her hair loose (not a clip-in ponytail), that will hold up in a high-ernergy performance?
  15. Darbla

    Is this ebayer selling half a skirt???

    TMS RED Skirt Top Belly Dance Club Gypsy Costume - eBay (item 270356796158 end time Apr-10-09 08:23:44 PDT) I know that question sounds dumb, but they call it a "half circle skirt" and if you look closely at the part of the skirt that is being held up in the picture, it looks like you can see a...
  16. Darbla

    Are sequins considered cheap looking compared to beads?

    If a costume has a preponderance of sequins over beads, is that indicative it's cheaply made?
  17. Darbla

    Gulf Coast Bellydance Festival - April 4 - Ocean Springs, MS

    Home Page 2009 Gulf Coast Festival Special Hotel Rates available $59.00 a night for Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4 at the Super8 in Ocean Springs. Call to make reservations and mention the bellydance festival to get the reduced rate! Super8- 228-875-2288, 13838 Wilfred Seymour Road...
  18. Darbla

    Super easy and simple costume ideas?

    Dahlal is out of what I wanted for an informal performance coming up, so I'm going to create something out of fabric because I'm bored with what I've been wearing. I figured this would be a good opportunity to start a thread about super simple and easy costume ideas. I want to take a long...
  19. Darbla

    Opinions on this from Dahlal

    For some reason I love the aqua colored top with pink sari skirt in the small picture to the upper left here: I'm thinking of getting it (actually something similar. since they can't guarantee exactly what's in the pics) for casual...
  20. Darbla

    Planning a bellydance trip to Egypt or ?

    The other girls I bellydance with and I are interested in a group trip to Egypt or anywhere like that. Basically a bellydance themed vacation. I know some of you have done a lot of bellydance themed travel, so where do I start? Is there some travel agency already specializing in this that...