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  1. Aniseteph

    Umm Kalthoum on BBC Radio 3!

    I don't know how accessible BBC Radio is outside the UK, but just in case... There was some proper musical discussion about Arabic music - composers, instruments, Umm Kalthoum, tarab (gah, not garage you stupid tablet, TARAB!!!) etc. on Radio 3's Record Review this morning. :shok: :D :cool...
  2. Aniseteph

    Old photographic slides on eBay

    Someone ( is listing loads of old vintage photographic slides of belly dancers on ebay. They look like 1970s American style, and I wondered they might be of any interest to anyone as far as ID'ing the dancers goes. It also amuses me because of the...
  3. Aniseteph

    Beyond knowing the lyrics.

    OK, knowing the lyrics or at least the gist of it is important. You are going to look like an idiot or worse skipping about merrily to something tragic or choosing it for a wedding. I have read this many times over the years and been to workshops where they've said how important it is. And I...
  4. Aniseteph

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Theda Bara called, she wants her bra back. Her version would make for some hilarious floor work though, as the snakes slowly head for your armpits... Also I found this while looking for the snake bra pic. It's not strictly speaking a belly dance costume but deserves a mention for an early...
  5. Aniseteph

    What's going on in your belly dance world at the moment?

    Thought I'd start a new thread.. what are you up to then? 10+ years in, I am back going to weekly drop in belly dance classes, Egyptian style, which keeps me going - I wouldn't say progressing much, but I've got a knee injury that's increasingly taken the wind out of my sails in the last couple...
  6. Aniseteph

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    While we are in that general area... Why??? Did they look at the bra flowers and think "hmm, better balance this out somehow...." Words fail me, except to say you'll be relieved to know the design is not repeated at the back.
  7. Aniseteph

    Methylisothiazolinone sensitivity

    I think I just found what's given me itchy sore peeling patches round my eyes for months on end. I thought I was developing a cat allergy at one point, I changed my skincare, stopped using make up, but nothing seemed to help but steroid cream. :( But I think its this methylisothiazolinone (MI)...
  8. Aniseteph

    Happy New Year!

    ... and ooooh, costume lust over ballet dancers' outfits for New Year Concert from Vienna. Vivienne Westwood and to die for. Those are not your standard chiffon colours. Wishing you all a most shimmylicious 2014. :cool:
  9. Aniseteph

    What's going on in your dance life?

    It's quiet lately,so I am going to be proactive and start a new thread. Whatchabeen doing lately in your dance life? What are you working on right now, what's going on in your classes, what workshops are on your calendar? General current BD musings, new musical inspirations? Me, I am signed up...
  10. Aniseteph

    Thank you to the mods...

    ... for keeping I the forum so spam-free. Bhuz is drowning in it at the moment . :(
  11. Aniseteph

    Terminology question.

    I just saw a list of moves on Bhuz, and found a long term question shaped space in my brain that needs filling with authoritative Knowledge. So, what actually is "basic Egyptian"? There's a step I think it might be that we do in the TF class - lift and twist forward unweighted hip then step...
  12. Aniseteph

    At a dance crossroads...

    Hello people. I haven't been posting much because I'm feeling so out of the belly dance loop since my teacher quit weekly classes. I know, it happens all the time, but those classes had been my base for a long time. I've been to loads of workshops and other events, but that was my base. It feels...
  13. Aniseteph

    Madame Abla costume on eBay If I was a couple of sizes smaller I'd have bought this already and it wouldn't be on eBay. Buuut I'm not, and there it is, in all its...
  14. Aniseteph

    Belly dance downloads from Galit Mersand

    Shameless plug for my lovely teacher's DVDs, most of which are now available as downloads. (yay technology :dance:) Instructional: Funky Step Combinations Cool Combos and the Art of Layering Arabic Jazz Fusion A Course in Belly Dance Shisha Dance And performance: Bellylicious - Belly Dance...
  15. Aniseteph

    Belly dance at Edinburgh Fringe! London and Brighton previews!

    Galit Mersand's one woman comedy cabaret show "Bellylicious - the Sequel. Confessions of a Belly Dance Diva" hits the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. Comedy, belly dance and songs, blended by Miss Bellylicious herself into a unique show (come on, how much belly dance stand up do you get...
  16. Aniseteph

    Belly dance and burlesque

    So, whatjathink? I can see myself being in a situation IRL. So let's have a nice civilized poll instead of watching me do this :protest: :wall: (there does not seem to be a smiley for digging yourself into a hole). Should belly dance and burlesque share events? Not counting the occasional...
  17. Aniseteph

    On having the basics in common.

    I've read so many times that all the different styles of what gets called bellydance are linked by having the basic movements in common. The music, the aethetic, the intention may have diverged, but the core is the same. How "the same" is it? I see different techniques, different movement...
  18. Aniseteph

    Shimmy advice please!

    OK, hip shimmies are my weak point. I'm never sure if I'm doing it right. I get the difference between the hip rocking type and "Egyptian" straight legs wobble knees and belly button goes side to side ones. I can walk and make my behind wobble though I'm not quite sure how, or what's going on...
  19. Aniseteph

    Kol el Banat Bethebak - anyone got a translation?

    Anyone have a translation of Kol el Banat Bethebak by Hossam Hosny? I've tried Googling various spellings, YouTube for subtitles, searching on the Arabic script - no luck. We've got the gist of it that he's on about the guy who gets all the beautiful girls (his brother maybe ;)), but a full...
  20. Aniseteph

    LOL on the train this morning

    This was in the paper this morning I thought of here.